Scenarios where 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is essential in securing your RDP network

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With the increasing amount of network threats and online intrusions on RDP networks, there is a greater need for a powerful security tool to protect RDP networks and be able to filter connections. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is the only security tool that effectively performs these tasks. Be it filtering incoming traffic, creating a tunneled gateway or adding a second layer of authentication, 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is the right choice for businesses of all sizes. Below are certain scenarios where 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is essential in securing your RDP network.

Scenario I – Protection against MIMT attacks

Man in the middle or MITM attacks have increasingly become common on remote networks. Consider an instance where a user is trying to connect to a remote computer using a public Wi-Fi. An attacker has setup a malicious router as a legitimate one or configured his wireless device as a legitimate Wi-Fi hotspot. The user discovers the hotspot and connects to the hotspot to access the remote network. After a connection is established, the user communicates with the remote system. At the same time, the hacker can intercept and access the data traveling through the hotspot. The only way to prevent MIMT attacks is to use HTTPS and SSL encryption or VPN services. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop combines VPN services with SSL connectivity. This secure RDP tool creates a secure cyber gateway wherein data is securely transmitted through the tunnel using the SSL encrypted mechanism.

Scenario II – Protection against Brute Force attacks

Another common security issue faced by RDP network administrators is brute force attacks. Consider an instance where an organization has recently allowed a BYOD policy and employees can access corporate networks using their iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices. A hacker uses IP Scanner software and scans for open ports on the network. When the hacker finds an open port, he uses dictionary terms to run a brute force attack. The administrators will find it difficult to know if an employee is requesting for a connection or a hacker is doing so. If the brute force attack is successful, the hacker will gain access to critical data. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop provides secure access to remote networks by allowing you to create a secondary layer of authentication. You can set a onetime password (OTP) option so that only employees or registered users can connect to the network. In addition, you can create a list of trusted devices so that devices mentioned in the list are only allowed to remotely connect to the network. Moreover, this tool proactively monitors connection attempts made on the system and sends you an email instantly when such incidents occur.

Scenario III – Advanced content filtering

An organization comprises different departments. In each department, there are hundreds of employees who perform different tasks. Each employee is assigned a specific role and has access to certain portion of data that is required for specific business processes. Consider an instance where the organization is developing a prestigious project and only the top management can view the data. If a regular employee remotely connects to the network, he should not be able to access this particular data. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop allows you to set advanced security filtering wherein you can block or allow connections to a particular domain.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop is an effective solution to protect your RDP networks from every type of online threat and to proactively guard your RDP network from attacks. Download 2X SecureRemoteDesktop and start protecting your private data today!

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