2X SecureRemoteDesktop combats hacking attacks, allowing you to securely work over a remote network.

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2X SecureRemoteDesktop is an innovative and effective security tool that proactively protects RDP networks from all types of online threats. To learn more about what it is and how it works, you can read this earlier blog post. In this article, we’ll look at some of the major benefits of using 2X SecureRemoteDesktop to create your own personal private cloud.

Challenges of RDP networks

While remote networks provide mobility solutions to businesses of all sizes, administrators face the tough challenge of protecting the network from online intrusions and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. A MITM attack is a form of eavesdropping where the hacker intercepts the conversation between two people and relays his own messages. To effectively prevent MITM attacks, data traveling in public networks should be encrypted and tunneled using highly secure mechanisms. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop creates a secure tunnel so that data transmitted in a remote connection cannot be intercepted by a middle man.

Another challenge faced by network administrators is brute force attacks. Hackers scan remote networks and identify open ports. Using dictionary terms, they implement brute force attacks to acquire a remote network connection. To protect RDP networks from brute force attacks, a higher security layer with a configurable private remote access system is required. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop is the only product that offers the highest layer of security to protect your networks from known and unknown online threats.

Benefits of 2X SecureRemoteDesktop

With the ever-growing amount of online threats and online intrusions, a simple protection tool is not enough to secure remote networks. You need a comprehensive security suite that can combat hacking attacks, securely transfer data and offer an intuitive interface to effectively manage the system. This is exactly what 2X SecureRemoteDesktop offers. Here are some of the major features:

  • Secure Gateway: To facilitate secure transmission in a remote connection, 2X SecureRemoteDesktop creates a cyber secure gateway where SSL encrypted data is tunneled to deny unauthorized access. At the same time, data transmission speed and efficiency is not affected.
  • Highest layer of security: The highest layer of security applies every time a new connection is established. Using second level of authentication mechanisms, remote connections are created in a secure manner. You have the flexibility to configure machines to allow connections using secure methods. Moreover, OS independent device connectivity is a great advantage.
  • Filtered RDP connections: Whether you want to provide remote access to a particular department or machine and block connections from another department or machine, you can use the advanced connection filtering option to allow and block connections. You can also create a trusted device list and allow them to access your network, while blacklisting certain devices as well.
  • Protection against hacking attacks: 2X SecureRemoteDesktop offers highest level of protection against hacking attacks. It proactively monitors the network for brute force attacks and provides real-time protection. All activities on the system are logged for your reference. At the same time, the user is alerted via email when a hacking attempt is made on a remote port. You can be assured of the network safety even when you are away from the office or your machine.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop is the ultimate choice when it comes to securing remote networks. With highest layer of security, real-time protection and easy to use interface, this RDP security tool provides the highest security to your networks. Download 2X SecureRemoteDesktop to secure your remote desktop connection and prevent identity thieves from accessing your personal data!

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