As Product Manager at 2X, I’ve been working on publicizing an exciting new release, Version 8 of our well-known 2X VirtualDesktopServer and ApplicationServer. Our development team has been working hard on the product, with its scheduled Beta release quickly approaching. 2X has continued to grow at a rapid pace, with a growing list of large-installation customers, such as BMW , Home Depot, McKesson, Advanced Auto Parts, Siemens, Associated British Ports, Harvard University and the European Parliament, just to name a few. In response to feedback from our customers, we’ve added features to the new release that will be particularly helpful to large organizations, establishing an effective framework for the future expansion of their virtual network.

Features in the new release include the following:

Managing Client Settings: Administrators will now have the ability to control user settings directly from the management console.

Zero-Management Thin Clients: Includes all components necessary to convert any device to a thin client.

Management of 2X SecureClientGateways: Allows administrators to remotely install and manage multiple 2X SecureClientGateways.

Windows CE Client: Provides the CE client will have almost the same functionality of the normal XP and Vista client.

TWAIN Redirection: Includes TWAIN redirection, which like the 2X Universal Printing feature, will allow devices using TWAIN technology to use the hardware connected to client devices, including scanners and digital cameras.

We’re confident these features will help us better meet our customers’ virtual network needs; for more information about this release, email us at Stay tuned for more updates!

[caption id="attachment_29" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Figure 1: Illustration of the Zero-Management Thin Client system in v. 8"]Figure 1: Illustration of the Zero-Management Thin Client system in v. 8[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_30" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Figure 2: Central Console for Client Settings Management"]Figure 2: Central Console for Client Settings Management[/caption]

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