Advantages of HTML5 browser-based remote access

The ever-innovating RDP technology has greatly revolutionized businesses. The new addition is HTML5 browser-based remote desktop connections. Earlier, remotely controlling applications was only possible through a Windows Terminal Server or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) server like Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare. Even then, you need to install the software on the client system in order to remotely access networks. Encryption and authentication has to be taken care as well. If you are away from your office and want to access your own applications from an internet center, this is not a feasible method. Client-less SSL VPN connections that offered browser-based remote connections needed additional plugins. To provide secure and efficient browser-based remote connections, 2X has now added HTML5 browser-based remote access add-on to its 2X Remote Application Server product.

Advantages of HTML5 browser access

HTML5 browser-based remote access opens a plethora of options for businesses. Here are some of the advantages of creating browser-based remote networks.

Mobility Solutions

Be it your business PC or a home PC, HTML5 browser-based remote networks enable you to quickly access applications and virtual desktops from anywhere, anytime. Connecting to your applications is simple. You only need a HTML5 compatible browser. There is zero setup on the client side. Being a pure web solution, you don’t need additional plugins like Flash, Java or Silverlight. By creating flexible mobility solutions, businesses can leverage resources while taking advantage of the full potential of the 2X Remote Application Server remote technology.

Cross Functionality

HTML5 gateway add-on for 2X Remote Application Server provides cross-platform and cross-browser capability to users, enabling them to access virtual desktops and windows applications from any device running OS that include but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, MAC and Linux. You can access Windows Terminal server or VDI hypervisors like Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and VMWare. All major browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE are supported.

Secure remote access

While it is easy and quick to connect and access remote networks over the browser, connections are securely accessed through a HTTPS Gateway and second level authentication (SSL). Moreover, a predefined set of access privileges assigned to Active Directory permissions for each user enables administrators to securely provide remote access to virtual desktops and windows applications. Whether cloud or on-premise sessions, multi-factor authentication provides more security.

Highly intuitive user interface

While rich rendering of graphics on remote networks is a striking advantage of HTML5 browsers, highly intuitive user interface augments it. With a better navigation and optimized performance, remote users can quickly and easily browse through various options and perform different tasks while experiencing a close-to-native desktop performance. Multi language support is available too. Moreover, integration with 2X Remote Application Server unleashes the full potential of RDP solutions to end users.

 2X HTML5 Gateway

2X ApplicationServerXG with 2X HTML5 Gateway add-on securely provides remote access to windows applications and terminal servers through HTML5 compatible web browser. It supports encryption, authentication and compression. You can perform several native desktop tasks like cut/copy/paste or configure display settings through the HTML5 gateway. With high quality rendering offered, extensive graphical operations can be performed to experience a close-to-native desktop performance. For more information  visit our page

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