We are pleased to announce the latest 2X MDM Android App, which includes improved client battery life especially in relation to the location tracking functionality.

As the 2X MDM app needs to regularly collect location information and update the server, chances are that your battery would have taken the hit. With this latest release, the 2X MDM Team have been working hard on optimising the app so that it reduces battery consumption greatly.

2X MDM Android App Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved login status messages
  • Fixed some apps were no longer being listed on server if the manage all apps option is turned off
  • Fixed bug on Android 4.0 application was not launching automatically on phone boot
  • Fixed bug on Android 4.0 was launching wrong dialog when installing application via APK

Download the latest 2X MDM Android App for free from Google Play and show your support by rating and giving the app positive reviews.

Please post any questions and comments in our Forums and interact with the 2X MDM Team on our Facebook Page.

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