When a Parallels MDM account is created, the email address and password selected produce the Master administrator for that account. Administrator credentials are used to log into a Parallels MDM account. Additional administrators can be added to this account from the administrator's node which may be accessed according to the next steps:

  1. Log in to the Parallels MDM Portal
  2. Navigate to the 'System' group
  3. Click the 'Administrators' node

From here you can add and delete administrators; adjust administrator rights and even transfer master privileges to another administrator.

Manage Account Administrators : Add Administrator

Add an administrator according to the next steps:

  1. Click 'Add Administrator'
  2. You will be prompted to fill in the below details:

2X MDM Add Administrator Basic Information:

  • Email: Administrator’s email account
  • Password: The password that this admin will use to log into the account
  • Confirm Password: Same as above
  • Session Timeout: Define amount of time whereby no activity will log out the admin


Configure actions the new admin can and cannot perform

  • Super User: Full permission to do anything
  • Add Administrator: Add another administrator
  • Delete Administrator: Delete administrators
  • Modify Administrator Password: Change administrator passwords
  • Modify Administrator: Modify administrators settings
  • View Audits: View the Audits from the audit node.

3. Click 'Add'.

The new administrator shall be added to the list and log in credentials sent via email.

Manage Account Administrators: Delete Administrator and Set Master User

Furthermore, provided the currently logged administrator has sufficient rights, delete an administrator according to the following steps:

  1. Select an administrator
  2. Click 'Delete'
  3. Confirm deletion

When logged in to the Parallels MDM account as the master user, select another administrator and click 'Set as Master' to assign master privileges to that administrator.

Note that you will be prompted to enter the current master administrator password to complete this action.

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