In order to to reduce risk and maximize mobile workforce support, many companies have created a set of rules governing the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate network. Defining and maintaining a full-fledged BYOD-policy can be very complex and time-consuming.

2X MDM is a mobile device management platform that provides an easy and affordable solution to reinforce your BYOD policy and keep it up and running. It allows organisations to enforce strong password policies, distribute WiFi, Email and Exchange configurations as well as apps to groups of devices.

Compliance to your BYOD policy can easily be fulfilled with 2X MDM. The 2X solution is the most simple way to protect your company from data leakage.

2X MDM BYOD Policy

Establish which features are enabled on newly connected devices
. Companies can set up rules that are applied based on the type of device connecting, for example disabling location tracking on iOS devices only.

2X MDM is available for Android, iOS devices and also Windows laptops. It is also possible to push corporate networks or delete already existing networks from devices.

Establish a stringent security policy for all devices. Companies should protect their data by means of a strong password policy and a disaster plan for lost devices.

2X MDM allows you to create and implement a strong password policy, and in the case that a device is compromised instantly lock with a new password.

Apps and data on a private phone. Businesses must make it abundantly clear to users that all data will be deleted if a device is lost, even personal data.

2X MDM can remotely wipe a mobile device as well as any storage cards associated with it. To guarantee the security of the data, the phone is reset to factory settings.

Employee Exit Strategy. As the device is owned by the employee, it is important to remove all company data, apps and network access as soon as possible when employment ends.

2X MDM can easily and instantly remove the email, WiFi and network configurations. It is also possible to wipe the device and erase any content from it.

2X MDM is the ideal solution to keep BYOD under control, providing maximum flexibility and control with minimum effort. 2X MDM reinforces your BYOD policy, ensuring full control at any time. Read more.


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