Mobile phones go missing all the time. If you haven't personally lost a mobile phone at some point in your life, chances are you'll know someone who has. In the UK, 10,000 mobile phones go missing every single month. Worldwide, it's hundreds of thousands of phones, if not millions. So how can you recover a lost mobile phone or tablet?

Now, with GPS technology and WiFi being widely available, it's relatively easy to find and track mobile devices in real time. With 2X MDM, you can see the precise location of all connected devices via Google Maps. This makes it possible to recover mobile phones and tablets that have been lost.

When recovering a mobile phone is not possible, however, that isn't the end of the story. You likely have important contact details and personal information, photo's and more on your mobile phone. To protect that data you can also remotely wipe your mobile phone or tablet and any attached SD cards.

Make sure you can recover your mobile phone or tablet if it gets lost by signing up for your free 2X MDM account today.

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