Over half of UK mobile phone users believe the personal data on their phones would be secure in the event of theft or loss. Are they right? British life assistance company CPP wanted to find out, so last year it decided to conduct an experiment. The company purchased a number of second-hand mobile phones and SIM cards from eBay and set about discovering how much, if any, personal data remained on these phones which had supposedly been “wiped clean.” CPP found almost 250 items of personal data, including credit and debit card PINs, bank account details, passwords, phone numbers, company information and log-in details for social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

10,000 phones are stolen each month in the UK alone. When a device is lost or stolen, sensitive corporate or personal data on the device is almost immediately exposed. 2X MDM can remotely wipe your mobile device and any storage cards that belong to it: by returning your device back to its factory defaults, you can avoid the legal ramifications for your company of divulging confidential information; if the device is personal, you can immediately remove all of your information, including digital photographs of your loved ones. 2X MDM also allows you to remotely lock a lost device by sending an SMS. This means your data remains secure, even if the device isn’t connected to the internet, so if you’ve only misplaced your device temporarily, you can lock access to your data until you and the device are reunited.

It is estimated that as of October 2011, only five percent of smartphones and tablets had mobile security downloaded and installed. Why not protect yourself, your company and your friends and family in the event of the loss or theft of your mobile device? Take the first step – sign up for your 2X MDM account.

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