Remotely Manage Your Files

Manually managing files on your devices is a cumbersome task. With Parallels Mobile Device Management you can comfortably control devices remotely from a browser with your keyboard and mouse, and easily manage files by dragging and dropping them between your browser and device.

Next time you have a document to read, video to watch or simply want to quickly manage files on your device, speed up the process with Parallels Mobile Device Management Android Remote Control.

Review Your Device's Status And Camera

Parallels Mobile Device Management allows you to quickly gain access to all of your device's information and even take control of the device's camera remotely. Stop wasting time and resources taking stock of your devices. Instead, access all of your devices' information instantly with a single mouse click.

You can also turn your smartphone into a wireless camera for personal use or, if your device has been stolen, take a snapshot of the thief to submit to the local authorities before remotely wiping your device.

Contacts And Clipboard

Sorting and editing your contacts has never been easier with Parallels Mobile Device Management. Gone are the days of repeatedly tapping your device's screen to locate and edit all your contacts.

Review, filter, remove and edit existing contacts, or push a new contact to the device with a couple of mouse clicks.

Android Remote Control Shell

Take control of your device and Android OS's inner workings through Remote Shell. This terminal uses unix like commands and is especially useful for developers/ programmers to administer Android devices remotely.

Leverage this feature to move, delete and alter content on your device with a quick command.