How to Save a Wet Smartphone

If you haven’t yet experienced that BLOOP then splash noise and the sinking realization that it was your smartphone—the magic computer you keep in your pocket that has ALL of your contacts, apps, direct access to your work computer, and GAMES —that just went into the water, then you‘re one of the lucky few. Resist the tears that might damage your phone even more, take some deep breaths, and try these steps to save your wet smartphone:

How to Save a Wet Smartphone

Infographic courtesy of Fast-Fix on Visually.

Twenty-four to forty-eight hours is a long time to wait to see if you can salvage your smartphone, but it’s worth the effort. (And not only because you invested so much time with your vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter.) Whether or not you manage to save your smartphone, it might be time to think about investing in a support plan. Best of luck to you aquatic smartphone users!

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