Join the Ranks: Parallels Desktop enables Lethal Company gameplay on macOS

In the boundless world of digital gaming, where whispers of adventure beckon the brave and the bold, there exists a realm where even the most treacherous quests can be undertaken from the sanctuary of your very own command hub.  

Welcome to “Lethal Company,” a narrative of epic scale set against the backdrop of abandoned celestial industrial landscapes.  

It dares you to gather resources, survive against all odds, and rise above challenges – all in devotion to the almighty company.  

But consider this: What if your only portal into these remote galaxies is your Mac? 

Fear not, intrepid explorers, for the bridge between your Mac and the universe of “Lethal Company” is not only possible but seamless, thanks to Parallels Desktop for Mac.  

This software lets you create a virtual machine on your Mac, transforming it into a portal for endless gaming adventures.   

Discover the power of running Lethal Company game on your Mac and unlock a universe of gaming potential with Parallels Desktop for Mac. 

Eager to join the ranks of “Lethal Company” operatives on your Mac?  

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How to play Lethal Company on a Mac 

Ready to join the action in Lethal Company? Here’s how to play Lethal Company with Parallels Desktop: 

Install Parallels Desktop  

If you don’t already have it, download and install the latest version of Parallels Desktop. The Pro or Business edition is recommended for the best gaming performance.  

Create a Windows 11 Virtual Machine  

Open Parallels Desktop and set up the Windows 11* virtual machine using prompts on the screen. 

Adjust virtual machine settings on Pro or Business Editions  

Access the Parallels Desktop Control Center and navigate to the “Hardware” section.  

If you are using Parallels Desktop Professional or Business editions, you can adjust the virtual machine settings by allocating an adequate amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU resources to ensure a seamless gaming experience. 

You can accomplish this by enabling the Gaming Profile.  

When it is enabled, Parallels Desktop provides more RAM and CPU to Windows, enters full-screen view for greater immersion, and toggles the mouse mode for better compatibility with games.  

To enable the Gaming Profile: 

1. Shut down Windows via the Start menu and open its configuration 

2. Click “Change” and select “Games only”.  

3. Now close the configuration menu and start Windows. 

Optimize Parallels Desktop for gaming   

By enabling “Optimize for games” in your virtual machine profile, you can further enhance your gaming experience and ensure smoother gameplay within the virtual machine.  

Note that if you’re using Parallels Desktop Standard Edition, you can choose from Productivity mode or “Games only” mode.  

With the Pro and Business versions of Parallels Desktop, you have more options.  

Install Steam 

In the Windows Virtual Machine, download and install the Steam client. This gives you access to Lethal Company and thousands more games.  

Download Lethal Company 

Browse Lethal Company in the Steam store and install it in your Windows 11 VM.  

Start playing!

Launch Lethal Company from the Start Menu of the Steam library within Windows 11.  

Can I run Lethal Company on a Mac? 

As long as your Mac meets the minimum system requirements below, the realms of this interstellar saga become yours to navigate via Parallels Desktop. 

Requirement  Minimal  
OS Windows 11 
Processor  Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz ; Shader Model 5 *A 64-bit processor and operating system is recommended 
Graphics NVIDIA GForce GTX 1050 
DirectX Version 11 
Network Broadband Internet Connection 
Storage 1 GB available space 

Does Lethal Company work on Mac? 

The answer to how Parallels Desktop transforms your Mac into a formidable platform for “Lethal Company” lies in the virtualization magic that Parallels Desktop seamlessly weaves.  

Here is an in-depth video guide that delivers a detailed process for transforming your Mac into the ultimate gaming powerhouse.  

From how to set up your virtual machine to performance tweaks, this guide will have you ready to flawlessly execute “Lethal Company” and begin your adventure.  

Will all Steam games run on a Mac? 

The same method above applies to many Steam games that you can play on a Windows PC. As Parallels Desktop enables you to run Windows on Mac, you can access much of the Steam library of 50,000+ games.  

Note that while the Steam platform is free to use and hosts many free-to-play games, other popular games require subscriptions to play.  

From action, arcade-style, first-person, martial arts, indie games, and more, enjoy your favorite Steam games on your Mac with Parallels Desktop.  

The Company is waiting: Get Lethal Company on Mac 

The “Lethal Company” universe awaits, and it is accessible even to Mac devotees.  

Thanks to Parallels Desktop, the realm of Windows-exclusive gaming opens right before your eyes, allowing users to fully experience games like “Lethal Company” on their Macs.   

Adventure beckons, with your Mac serving as the starship navigating you through galactic wonders. Seize the future of Mac gaming; let “Lethal Company” be the first of many quests. Just don’t miss your profit quota.  

Are you eager for cosmic exploration or other gaming adventures? Your odyssey begins with Parallels Desktop for Mac. 

*Note that you’ll need to purchase a Windows license if you don’t already have one.