How the Licensing Model for Parallels Mac Management Works

When IT executives decide which tools and products they plan to use, license models are crucial. Expenses taking the form of capital cost (capex) are less popular with executives and accountants, as they require more complex bookkeeping than operating costs (opex). Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM—a plugin that integrates Mac® computers into SCCM—comes with a subscription plan that can be posted under ongoing operating costs.

Easy License Management

The license model for Parallels Mac Management is based on seat licenses: one license per Mac managed in the organization. It’s as easy as that. Only a few simple steps are needed to roll out Parallels Mac Management licenses in your organization. Admins only need a Parallels Business Account—that will manage all the licenses. You can activate an arbitrary amount of license keys or subscriptions to create capacity for new Mac computers in SCCM.

Using the Parallels account’s configuration manager, admins can add new licenses within seconds. Go to Administration > Overview > Parallels Mac Management > Licenses to find active Parallels Mac Management licenses and activate new license keys. Just click on “Activate License,” enter your license key, and click “Activate Online.”

How to Work with Sublicenses

With multiple locations and decentralized IT management, it may make sense to allocate sublicenses to individual sites. This will enable each local admin to manage their required Parallels Mac Management licenses independently. Sublicenses belong to a license that contains a certain number of individual licenses with their own term. Admins can generate a specific license key for this purpose after configuring the number of contained licenses and their term. Licenses can easily be allocated differently afterwards, should the need arise. Sublicenses can be reassigned as needed.

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