Introducing Anoop C. Nair, Microsoft MVP and Parallels Mac Management Evangelist

To earn the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) title, it is not enough to just flaunt your expertise with a few tips and tricks in appropriate news groups now and then. A lot more is needed to get this honorary title that Microsoft has been awarding since 1995. A jury picked from the members of an MVP team evaluates the technical expertise and helpfulness of nominees who have commended themselves through a substantial number of high-level lectures, blog posts, and forum contributions during the previous year. So it might not come as a surprise that the number of people who have cleared this hurdle isn’t large. In 2019, no more than 3,169 individuals were honored with the rank of Microsoft MVP—out of more than 100 million IT community members.


Anoop C. Nair is one of the members of this illustrious group. A solution architect based in Bangalore, India, Anoop supports users from all over the world seeking help over multiple channels, demonstrating his impressive knowledge in complex matters such as the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), SCOM, Intune, Mobile Device Management, and Azure. In 2015, the high quality of his work along with the enthusiastic response of community members led to him being awarded the MVP title in the field of Enterprise Client Management.

While Parallels assigns no awards of this kind, Anoop would be among the first to receive such an award if they did. Being one of the world’s leading SCCM experts, he of course also knows all about managing corporate Mac® clients. And it is no surprise that he has come to the conclusion that SCCM‘s basic functionality is not enough to manage Mac in a really comprehensive and convenient way. The reasons for this are explained in the article, „SCCM Mac Management – A Good Idea?“, which he posted recently in his very readable blog.

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