Parallels Mac Management 7 Feature Focus: macOS Imaging via USB Boot Loader

macOS Imaging via USB Boot Loader

The latest release of Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM brings several highly demanded features. The ability to boot from a USB drive during operating system deployment is one of them.

Network OS deployment with task sequence support was implemented in Parallels Mac Management a few years ago, and it worked perfectly—in most cases. But if your NetBoot server and a Mac were located in different subnets, then you could have troubles.

OSD required imaging Mac computers to be booted over the network. The nature of the NetBoot protocol requires broadcasting DHCP packets. For some of our customers, it was not so easy to configure their network to pass such packets across subnets.

In Parallels Mac Management 7, we added the ability to create a bootable media (USB flash drive or external HDD) to eliminate the need for the network boot from the macOS image deployment process.

The use of the new functionality is pretty simple:

All the task sequences you have created before, as well as other content used in these task sequences, can be used with USB boot loader without any changes. And, of course, the good old ability to boot over the network is still there, so you can always choose which way to use in each case. Another exciting feature will be covered next week!


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