How to Use Microsoft Office on a Mac to Its Full Extent, with All Its Components 

Employees love the freedom of choice. That starts with flexible working hours and goes to choosing your own work tools. And this freedom of choice also includes being able to choose between Windows and Mac®. In a recent survey of employees, 94% of Mac users agreed that being able to choose their office computer was a big plus for an employer. As much as 79% stated that they would be less productive without their Mac—which is to say, with a different operating system (OS).

However, if users are allowed to choose their OS, this presents challenges for the organization’s IT department. They are forced to support and maintain multiple types of systems. Users, in contrast, are only interested in getting their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Part of the IT team’s job is to enable them to do this.

Microsoft Office for Mac: as complete as it is for Windows

Not every software product is available for every operating system—or at least, not with all the same features. Recently, Cancom pictured a prominent example of this. Arguably, Microsoft Office is the world’s most important office application software. One of every two organizations uses the cloud subscription version, Office 365. But the Mac and Windows versions are not identical. For example, the macOS® version lacks both the database software Access and Microsoft Publisher. And there is a long list of other, comparable examples. As a rule, tools for industry-sector specific purposes are only available for Windows.

But there is a solution to this problem: Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Edition. This brings the best of both worlds to both IT departments and end-users. It allows employees to choose their operating system, providing a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity—and complete software compatibility all at the same time.

office Mac

Parallels Desktop Business Edition helps execute mission-critical applications without restrictions. Mac users have full access to programs such as Microsoft Office for Windows, Visual Studio, Quicken, and QuickBooks for Windows, Internet Explorer, SAP products and other ERP solutions, Autodesk products and much more—without needing to leave the familiar macOS environment.

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