AWS VDI: Delivering Virtual Desktops with Amazon Web Services


AWS VDIAWS VDI refers to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s on-demand cloud computing platform. While VDI solutions are traditionally deployed on-premises, it’s now possible to deploy them on the AWS cloud. That ability can be a game-changer.   

How businesses save costs through VDI

Companies who have invested in VDI solutions are already familiar with their economic and operational benefits. These organizations continue to gain substantial savings from: 

Despite having saved on costs in several areas, we all know businesses are always on the lookout to further increase their bottom line. In this case, there’s still a way to do it. 

Save even more through an AWS-based VDI

Normally, VDI solutions are deployed on-premises. That means if you embark on a VDI project, you’d have to invest in physical servers, hypervisors, cooling, networking, and so on. That’s going to entail a massive upfront cost.  

You can avoid all that by deploying your VDI solution on a cloud infrastructure like AWS. With AWS VDI, you can avoid upfront costs and just follow a pay-as-you-go model. Not only does this approach reduce the barrier to entry to VDI (not everyone’s willing or able to shell out the required capital for an on-premises deployment), it also frees up your cash flow, which you can redirect to other endeavors. 

Aside from cost savings, businesses can also gain: 

How to implement AWS VDI 

The easiest way to deliver AWS-based VDI desktops is by using Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). Parallels RAS is a VDI desktop delivery solution that can be easily deployed on AWS. Deployment is so quick and effortless (unlike similar products from Citrix or VMWare) that can complete the process in as little as 15 minutes.  

Want to try it out yourself?  Grab the free 30-day trial of Parallels RAS now.  



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