Where Should I Store My Docs? Part 4

The following is the fourth (and final) installment in our series about document storage options in Parallels Desktop 10. 

To start from the beginning, click here. The first post covered how to store files in the Documents folder on your Mac; the second post explained how to store docs near the applications where they were created; and the third post discussed storing all your files in the cloud. Thanks for riding along with us!

Option 4: A combination of all available choices


Parallels Desktop 10 doesn’t force you into just one of the choices described in this series on storage. You can use any combination you want, depending on what seems best for each project.

For what it’s worth, this is my option of choice. While I store the majority of my docs using the cloud services Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive), sometimes a different option feels most natural. If a particular document I’m working on can be opened only by a Windows application in only one of my virtual machines, then that’s where I store it—it doesn’t make as much sense to me to store that document on my Mac or in the cloud.

Figure 4

Figure 4


  1. Convenient in Parallels Desktop 10.
  2. If you have multiple computers, many of your docs can be accessible on all computers.
  3. Most docs are visible all the time, even if Windows is not running.
  4. Easy to share some documents with colleagues.
  5. Logical, if you tend to keep Mac and Windows separated.
  6. Best of all worlds—for some users.


  1. You’ll have to remember where each document is stored.
  2. Backup can be complicated.
  3. You might want to disable some of the sharing options in Parallels Desktop.
  4. For other users, this option may feel chaotic or hard to manage.

So, where do you store your docs?

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