Streaming from Xbox One to Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac

Hi Parallels fans – my name is Megan, and I’m the Social Media Community Manager for Parallels, and I am SUPER excited to talk about streaming Xbox One games to your Mac via Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac! I am a gamer at heart, and as much as I’d like to game on my Mac, Macs are just not yet the ultimate gaming machines (despite our ongoing efforts here at Parallels). So at home, I have a number of rigs and consoles – one of my favorites being the Xbox One. When Microsoft announced that the Xbox Ones were upgrading to Windows 10, AND they were implementing a streaming option on a local network from Xbox One to Windows 10 PC, I was curious, but it didn’t pique my interests. It wasn’t until I found a Parallels user on Reddit talking about streaming to their Mac via a Windows 10 virtual machine that I got really excited!

Streaming from Xbox One to Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac

To get started, you’ll need to adjust your settings in your Xbox One. If you haven’t yet, go into your settings and check that your Xbox One can stream to other devices. (Video below!)


Once your Xbox One is prepared to stream, go to your Mac and start your Windows 10 virtual machine in Parallels Desktop for Mac.

When you go to the start menu for Windows 10, Click on the green Xbox One app.

Streaming from Xbox One to Parallels


Once in the app click on the bottom left (second from the bottom) icon for devices, and then add your device. Keep in mind, for this to work your Mac and your Xbox One have to both be on the same network. (If you’re lucky, Windows 10 will already have found your Xbox One on the same network. If not, you’ll need to add the IP Address your Xbox One is on.)

Streaming from Xbox One to Parallels


You’ll need your Xbox One controller connected to your Mac – so either plug in the micro USB cable to your Mac, or invest in one of the new Xbox One blue tooth controllers! When your Mac recognizes your Xbox One and that you have a controller connected, you are all good to go!

I think I know what you’re going to ask…

I know the first question is going to be Why would I want to go from my 32″ television thats connected to my Xbox One, to my 15″ MacBook Pro?

Fair question. Let me ask, have you ever wanted to play one of your Xbox One games that’s in the living room, while lying in bed? Do you argue with your roommates about who gets to play the Xbox One of the PS4 on the big TV each night? Have you wanted to play one of your Xbox One games, but it might not be appropriate for the kids to watch  while playing in the living room? This streaming option is a great solution to all of these problems!

It’s obvious that if you’re streaming to a Macbook thats mobile, then you can take your Xbox One games as far as your Wi-Fi will let you. (My personal favorite is lazy weekends when I want to stay in bed and stream to my Mac) The other questions I posed are really more about playing your Xbox One when the TV isn’t going to be available. This is the option that has been a life saver in my house and marriage since we argue over who is gaming at what time. Since the PC gaming rig is connected to the same TV that the Xbox One is, my husband and I have butted heads about who gets to play. But now, try this! Turn on the TV and the Xbox One and then connect to stream to your Windows 10 Virtual Machine via Parallels Desktop for Mac. Then, while keeping the Xbox One powered on, change the input on the TV to (in our case) the PC gaming rig, and now we’re both playing!

I’ve streamed to my Mac puzzle games like Tumblestone (I hope you picked it up when it was free with Xbox Gold – great puzzle game!) as well as  high graphic games like Halo 5 and Fallout 4. Here is the fine print you’re going to need to know streaming to your Parallels Desktop for Mac Windows 10 virtual machine: It’s not the virtualization that will slow you down, the real kicker is how fast your network speed it. If you are streaming wirelessly to your Macbook Air, you’re going to find a lot of lag between you and your Xbox. Our recommendation is to hard wire both Xbox One, and your Mac.

I’ve listened to all our customers on twitter, I know gaming is really important to you. (Me too!) I really hope streaming from your Xbox One to your Mac gets you a little more gaming time in your day. Commend below and let me know what you’re playing! Me and a few of the Parallels team here in Seattle are always looking for what new game we should be trying out!

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