Among Us on Mac:
How to Play Among Us on Mac

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With all their sleek hardware designs, crystal clear displays, and smooth interfaces, it'd be natural to assume that Macs are the ideal computers for gaming. But in reality, this is sadly not the case. Unlike their Windows counterparts which will run almost anything, Macs only support a select few games. And unfortunately for all you Among Us fans, it just so happens that the game is not among them!

But wait! This doesn't mean that you have to buy a whole new computer to enjoy your favorite game. Thanks to Apple's Boot Camp, you can install Windows into your Mac and access all the Windows apps. You can also do this using Parallels, which allows for a much easier switch from Mac to Windows. More on that below.

Why can't you play Among Us on Mac

You'd be surprised to learn that Among US was launched way back in 2018. It only recently garnered the large fan base it has now. The game is simple, but for some reason, it's incredibly fun playing with friends, trying to spot the impostor in your ranks.

The sad bit is that you can't play Among Us on Mac. Yes, it is available on Apple's other iOS powered devices, but no official Mac version is released to date.

But this doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! There are many ways you can still play the game on your Mac. This can be either by installing an Android Emulator like BlueStacks or simply installing Windows on your Mac. In this case, we shall focus on installing Windows on your Mac. This way, you'll get access to tons of other games available to Windows PCs.

Play Among Us on Mac using Parallels

There are two major ways to install Windows on your Mac; the Boot Camp method or installing it with Parallels. The Boot Camp method is whereby you install Windows through Mac's Boot Camp Assistant. While this method is pretty straightforward, you'll have to reboot your computer every time you want to play your games. However, with Parallels, you won't have to go through the trouble. And here's how.

To break it down, Parallels desktop is a fast, powerful and easy application that allows the running of Windows OS on your Apple macOS. By installing Windows, you get access to all its applications and Windows-compatible games along with it. In fact, Among Us is right there in the Windows Steam store.

Perhaps the best part about it is that, unlike how it would be with Boot Camp, Parallels allows you to run Windows and macOS at the same time. You can have Among Us playing on one window and your other Mac Applications running on the side.

Installing Parallels is pretty simple too. You only need to:


So many positive things can be said about the Mac computer. From performance to its overall user experience, there is no denying that it's one of the best computers out there. However, you'll agree that it can be a little bit better with Among Us in it.

Well, with a little help from the Parallels desktop app, perhaps you can have it all. All you need to do is visit the Parallels website, download your free trial, install it and let it do the rest.