Parallels, a global leader in cross platform solution, today announced that it has released a new version of Parallels RDP Client for Android.

Android Printing
The new version of Parallels RDP Client for Android comes with improved printer redirection and better integration with Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server) through the client management console. The Parallels technology that allows you to print from any Android device is known as universal printing. With universal android printing, users can print on their local printer even when working on virtual applications and remote desktops. Parallels universal android printing makes printing easy, and requires no configuration on the server. Download your free client

“Parallels RDP Client for Android is enabling a complete remote work environment for millions of users by making it simple to access any kind of business application. IT administrators can respond positively to users’ requests to have full access to corporate applications and data. The possibility to print directly from Android tablets or smartphones increases the productivity of the mobile workforce. Businesses of any size can benefit from this new flexibility, satisfying cost and security requirements. Its outstanding combination of benefits makes Parallels RDP Client with Parallels RAS the best solution to get more from your virtual infrastructure, making your business limitless by allowing your employees to work anytime and anywhere.” Giorgio Bonuccelli – Marketing Director – Parallels

About Parallels RDP Android Printing Client

Android Printing2X RDP Android Client allows you to connect simply, via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), to your Android device. 2X RDP Android Client also connects to 2X Remote Application Server to seamlessly run published Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, published Windows desktops from Windows Terminal Server, and virtual desktops hosted on all major VDIs including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix Xen. Read More

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