Introducing Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Business Edition

The all-new Parallels® Desktop 18 for Mac Business Edition is here!  

A leader in the virtualization space for more than 17 years, Parallels Desktop offers a power-packed release that increases productivity while addressing critical business needs across macOS and Windows. 

This release boasts more than 20 new features, is optimized for all new Apple OS and hardware, and is compatible with Intel and all Apple M1 chips. 

Users can seamlessly run over 200,000 Windows apps on Mac without rebooting, share files, folders, and content between Mac and Windows applications, and run graphics applications effortlessly without slowing users down. 
Here’s a quick overview of the most noteworthy features of Parallels Desktop 18:  

Parallels Desktop 18 Business Edition also offers new features and functionality for enterprise teams, including:  

These new features add to the four core pillars of Parallels Desktop that set this solution apart from the rest: 
1. Hassle-free setup. Quickly identify what you need to get started and Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for you. Download, install, and configure Windows 11 in one click and access a free set of ready-to-use Linux systems. 
2. Productivity perfected. Seamlessly move and share clipboard content, files, folders, and images between Mac and Windows and leverage the feature known as Coherence to hide your Windows desktop altogether for a purely Mac aesthetic. 
3. First-class performance. Run hundreds of thousands of Windows apps on your Mac with near native Mac performance and enjoy classic Windows games along with Visual Studio, SolidWorks, Autodesk, and other resource-intensive apps, all without slowing the system down.  
4. Always up to date. Tap into timely updates to support new hardware and OS releases. Users can leverage Windows Automatic Maintenance to keep their Windows OS current. 
Purchasing Parallels Desktop Business Edition also includes Parallels Access™ and Parallels® Toolbox in perpetuity.  

Ready to get started? 

Try Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Business Edition free for 14 days to see the benefits for yourself!