Duplicate File Finder:
How to Find Duplicates on Your Computer

Duplicate files are the bane of everyone's existence. They use up your disk space and have no direct benefits for you or your computer. The files only clutter up your drive, making your systems slower, and giving you a hard time when seeking the correct version of specific files.

It is inevitable to delete duplicate files to keep your Windows and Mac running smoothly. Once your hard drive is full, the system becomes painfully slow and very unreliable for its routine tasks.

It would be best to use a duplicate file finder to remove all the files clogging your computer system. The process for using these finders is easy since you only need to run them, and it automatically detects and deletes all the unnecessary files with a single click.

How to find duplicate files

There are different ways on how to find duplicate files on Mac and Windows 10. It is nearly impossible to carry out the process manually due to the number of duplicate files most systems have, and you risk deleting the main files unless you know their specifics. You can try each file that you have, and that is a grueling process.

Therefore, there are duplicate file finder Windows 10 apps and Mac apps that you can use to find your duplicate files. You have to install quality cleaning software that will remove junk from the device. Use the following steps:

  1. Download and install a professional duplicate file finder on your device. Ensure you check for device compatibility of its software before starting the installation process.
  2. Grant the software permissions to access your files to carry out the cleaning function. Without allowing these permissions, the software would not work.
  3. Let the scan takes its time to evaluate and check for duplicates. Mostly, the software uses file extensions, dates, and times as pointers for selecting duplicate files.
  4. The software will request you to delete the files in bulk or check the list of duplicates. You have the autonomy to remove or add files.

The process of duplicating file finder software is relatively easy and reliable. The most common app used for Windows is the Duplicate Media Finder Free. However, Windows S mode doesn't support this feature.

For Mac, the most popular software most people use is the Duplicate File Finder Remover with fast scanning speeds.

These two solutions only carry out one task at hand. Let's find one tool that you can use for various tasks for both Windows and Mac.

How to find duplicate files using Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox has a feature called Find Duplicates that you can use on both Mac and Windows to search and delete duplicate files without hassle. It automatically searches every drive and folder to quickly identify the identical file that takes up your disk space and delete it. Similar files may have different names that other software may not find, but Parallels Toolbox finds and removes them.

To start using the Parallels Toolbox to Find Duplicates, get the economical suit to replace having multiple applications on your devices.

  1. Download Parallels Toolbox from here
  2. Double-click on the downloaded image file to start the installation process
  3. Open the tools by clicking on the app from the Applications folder
  4. Click on Find Duplicates to start searching for duplicate files

Watch this video to see Parallels Toolbox in action.


Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows gives you control of your devices and ensures you make the most of your systems while eliminating any chances of mistakes. Start using it for a seven-day trial or buy it to start freeing up the space taken by duplicate files.