Private Cloud Computing Intro — Brought to you by the 2X Cloud Computing Team — To understand what a Private Cloud is, we first need to look at what makes up a generic cloud solution, be it a Public or Private Cloud. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) state that a ‘cloud’ has 5 essential characteristics.

  1. A ‘cloud’ is On-Demand and Self-Service. The users of the ‘cloud’ are able to access services (software, network, and storage) at will.
  2. A ‘cloud’ offers Broad Network Access. Access to a network is offered via a range of mediums – smart phone, tablets, laptops, thick or thin clients.
  3. The ‘cloud’ enables Resource Pooling. Shared computing resources, assigned and redeployed according to demand.
  4. A ‘cloud’ has Rapid Elasticity. It scales automatically, releasing and provisioning resources.
  5. A ‘cloud’ offers Metered Services. Users only pay for what they use.

Cloud infrastructure is a collection of hardware and software consisting of 2 layers.

  • A Physical Layer: Hardware resources – servers, storage and network components
  • An Abstraction (virtualization) Layer: Consisting of the software (e.g. hypervisors, VDI) that sit in the physical layer and enable the cloud’s 5 essential characteristics.

In a Private Cloud, a single organization has access to the cloud infrastructure; it is provisioned solely for their use. A Private Cloud may be based on or off premises and managed by the organization; its multi-tenants are the organization’s business units. When a third-party owns and manages a Private Cloud, it is known as a Virtual Private Cloud. One of the most common reasons for implementing a Private Cloud model is to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. The VDI environment allows a Windows client operating system (or alternative) to run on server-based, virtual machines in the data-center. 2X Remote Application Server is a Citrix alternative, focused on providing cost effective virtual desktop & application delivery. It is easy to implement, maintain and provides a high level support, all at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Setting up virtual desktop and application delivery is simple, using a “wizard-based” setup. By using 2X Remote Application Server as part of their Private Cloud, organizations can deliver Windows applications to any remote mobile and desktop device. The virtual desktops and applications fully integrate with the users’ local desktop and taskbar. Via the 2X Cloud Portal, users are able to access their desktop from everywhere, using just a web browser and an internet connection. 2X Remote Application Server offers the ability to create remote desktops via Microsoft RDP 8. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services can access legacy systems, or connect to 2X Remote Application Server when working remotely. This integration enables a rich remote desktop and application experience, supported by Microsoft’s high definition RemoteFX accelerated multimedia protocol. To support organizations in managing their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, 2X Remote Application Server offers the following administrative features:

  • Predefined Application Settings – Publish apps like Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Network Connections, and Display Properties with a few clicks.
  • Licensing Management – Monitor license usage by tracking instances of application deployment.
  • Load Balancing – Resource-based load balancing, for memory, CPU or number of sessions, for installations of two or more terminal servers.
  • Access Rights & Permissions – Assign permissions to virtual desktops and applications by user, group, IP address, machine name or MAC address.
  • VDI Management for Major Hypervisors – Manage and administer core VDI capabilities such as templates, pooling and more.

Download 2X Remote Application Server to deliver virtual desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators.

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