Parallels Transporter

Parallels Transporter

Need to move your files, music and pictures from a PC to your Mac and protect your investment in Windows applications? It’s simple with Parallels Transporter.

Use your Windows documents, pictures, music, downloads, and Internet bookmarks on your Mac without installing Windows. Parallels Transporter for App Store is all new!

Parallels Transporter allows you to copy documents, pictures, music, videos, downloads, and Internet bookmarks from a Windows computer to your Mac. In addition, Parallels Transporter also copies all your Windows applications to your Mac so they that can be used with Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Parallels Transporter lets you:

  • Get access to your documents created in Windows right from your Mac
  • Find the documents from your PC in similar folders on your Mac.
  • Sync Safari (or other browser) bookmarks on your Mac with the favorites in your Windows browser.
  • Protect your investment in Windows application software
  • Back up your entire PC on your Mac

System Requirements:

  • Requires an Intel-based Mac with Mac OS v10.6.6 or later, 1 GB of memory or more, and about 150 MB of free space.
  • There must be enough disk space on the Mac to store the data you are going to transfer.
  • Requires a network cable or an external storage device.
  • Requires Parallels Transporter Agent on the source PC. It can be downloaded from here.