Introducing Parallels Toolbox 4.5 for Mac and Windows

Same great tools, in a new, easier-to-use interface.” 

A lot has happened since Parallels® Toolbox was first released in 2016: 

While all these milestones are important, the number of tools more than doubling caused the Parallels Toolbox developers to realize that a user interface change was needed. What was an excellent interface for 20 tools wasn’t as excellent for more than 45 tools. So, rather than add more tools to the latest release, an interface update became the focus for Parallels Toolbox 4.5. (See Figure 1 and Video 1.) 

Parallels Toolbox Interface
Figure 1_The Parallels Toolbox new user interface

While the new interface was the focus for the development team’s time, several tools were also improved in this release: 

In the new user interface for Parallels Toolbox 4.5, you can customize your own subset of tools, and these are shown in the Dashboard. (If you forget to add a tool that you have recently used, it will still be shown below the Dashboard in the Recent tools, as shown in Figure 2.) In Video 1, for my Dashboard, I chose Capture Area, Download Video, and Make GIF. Let me know in the comments which tools you have put in your Dashboard. 

Parallels Toolbox Interface
Figure 2_Adding a recently used tool to the Dashboard

Remember that if you have a subscription to Parallels Desktop for Mac, you also have a subscription to Parallels Toolbox for your Mac, and a subscription to Parallels Toolbox for Windows for each of your Windows virtual machines–both at no charge. 

Download a trial of the latest version of Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows.