Parallels Access Remote Help

Parallels Access has been an essential tool that allows users to remotely access their personal resources, such as computers, apps and files. However, using Parallels Access to remotely help a relative or friend when they encounter issues with a computer was somewhat complicated. You would either need to:

  • Physically install and authenticate Parallels Access Agent on the person’s computer
  • Share your login and password so the relative/friend could install Parallels Access Agent on their computer

After opening this link, the person requiring help will download Parallels Access Agent onto their computer. All they need to do is launch the installation and Parallels Access automatically configures their computer for remote access with your account. Their computer will be visible and accessible only to you—the person that shared the link—and will appear in your mobile app next to your other computers.

Once you initiate the connection, the person on the other end needs to confirm the connection to prevent unauthorized access. Then you can provide assistance remotely.

Remote Help combined with other new features makes Parallels Access 6 easier and more convenient to use than ever.