Welcome to the next level of virtualization mastery.

Parallels Desktop for Mac enables users to not only run Windows or Linux seamlessly, but to optimize their experience with advanced features designed for power users.

This on-demand webinar covers how to:

  • Optimize performance — configure your VM and adjust the CPU core allocation, RAM distribution, and disk caching options.
  • Content center capabilities — learn how to leverage control center features, manage preferences, and configure settings for virtual machines efficiently.
  • Utilize developer and IT professional tools — integration with Visual Code and GitHub.
  • Streamline license management — monitor license and deployment processes through MyAccount. Use Jamf and Intune scripts for MDM management.

Plus, discover new tips and tricks for leveraging Parallels Desktop in professional environments.

Access the recording.

Whether you're an IT professional, developer, or power user, this on-demand webinar will provide you with the knowledge to take full advantage of Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Meet the speakers

Ary Collet Junior

Ary Collet Junior is an enthusiastic Product Marketing Manager at Alludo with a focus on Parallels Desktop for Mac, Chrome OS, and Parallels Toolbox solutions. Having worked at Parallels for over ten years, he has extensive knowledge of the company's products, features, use cases, pre- and post-sales, and the most recent Apple and Microsoft technologies. Before assuming the position of Product Marketing Manager, he oversaw the Channel and marketing initiatives for the APAC region for over 5 years. His mission is to continually develop and market products that consumers adore, and to share their stories with others.

Danny Knox

Danny Knox is a Senior Sales Engineer for Cross Platform Sales with Parallels Software. Having been engaged with IT support and sales for over 25 years, Danny has worked in a number of technical and sales positions as a consultant and senior systems administrator, supporting End User Computing, enterprise operations, and end users globally. Currently part of a dedicated team on a global initiative for driving the adoption of Parallels Desktop, Parallels RAS, and Parallels Secure Workspace (formerly Awingu), Danny works with IT professionals who need operating systems and applications to work across Apple, Linux, and Windows ecosystems.