Learn how to navigate the new standard of cybersecurity while gaining clear, actionable insights. Watch our Zero Trust focused on-demand webinar for valuable advice from security expert, Dr. Chase Cunningham.

Get ready to enhance your organization's defenses and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore:

  • Zero Trust basics: Understand its core principles and its shift from perimeter-based security.
  • Urgency of Zero Trust: Learn why traditional security measures are no longer enough.
  • Benefits of Zero Trust: Discover real-world success stories and its business advantages.
  • Expert insights: Gain strategies from industry experts on overcoming Zero Trust challenges.

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Meet the speakers

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Dr. Chase Cunningham
Chase Cunningham is a retired Navy Chief Cryptologist with 20+ years cyber forensic and analytic operations experience, offering deep technical expertise, advanced education, and multiple certifications. He has operated in highly technical environments at NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government agencies, specializing in cyber forensics, analytics, and offensive/defensive cyber operations. Chase collaborates with industry leaders, witnessing and contributing to significant cybersecurity advancements.

Arnaud Marlière

Arnaud Marlière , VP of Marketing, Alludo
Arnaud Marlière is a true technology enthusiast who leads the Parallels marketing team at Alludo, with a focus on Parallels RAS, Parallels Secure Workspace, and Parallels Desktop. Arnaud has a deep understanding of virtual infrastructure and leverages his experience in marketing, sales, product management, and B2B and channel management to drive effective customer engagement and build awareness of the benefits of virtual business solutions.