Chromebook Management Console for School: A Useful Tool to Manage Devices

The Chromebook Management Console is yet another reason to acquire Chromebooks for your school. It’s a cloud-based administrator console that enables you to control your entire fleet of Chromebooks, from configuring network access, controlling applications, tracking devices, and customizing features to performing a whole range of other administrative tasks, all from a single interface.

Since it’s cloud-based (or web-based—however you may want to call it), you can access this console from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s perfectly suited for practically any educational or organizational use case where you need to manage a large number of Chromebooks.

Furthermore, the Chromebook Management Console can also be used to configure certain settings for Parallels® Desktop for Chrome OS, a software solution that enhances the capabilities of Chromebooks by enabling them to run Windows and Windows-based applications locally. This innovative solution is a big boost to Chromebook usability, considering that Chromebooks can’t normally run Windows/Windows applications unless they’re delivered remotely through the network or the internet.

Chromebook Management Console Overview

When you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of Chromebooks, it’s extremely difficult to manage them manually. For this to be feasible, you need a way to manage all of them from a single administrative interface. You can do that with the Chromebook Management Console.

The Chromebook Management Console is acquired through a perpetual license. There’s a license designed for educational institutions and another one designed for other organizations. The license for education is given at a discounted rate. It’s worth noting though, although the license is perpetual, support for each hardware model isn’t. The good news is that Google increased its Chromebook auto-update policy to eight years. That should be more than enough for most situations.

Chromebook Management Console in Organizations

Let’s talk about some of the Chromebook Management Console features that organizations may find useful. Here are a few:

Chromebook Management Console for Education

With the advent of hybrid learning, students are now more exposed to a greater number of threats, from malware and network-based threat actors to ordinary theft. As such, it is in the school’s best interest to enforce security measures that can mitigate these threats. The Chromebook Management Console can play a vital role in this regard. It can:

In addition, the console can also be used to streamline certain administrative tasks such as assigning students to devices, providing network access, or installing applications.

Provide Secure Access to Your Windows Applications with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

As mentioned earlier, the Chromebook Management Console can be used to configure certain settings for Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS. But what is Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS, and why are we mentioning it here?

One of the biggest issues hounding Chromebooks is their inability to access Windows-compatible, native applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which may hinder student/teacher and organizational performance. While these applications can be accessed through their web-based versions (either the free online versions or the Microsoft 365 versions), both versions become unusable the moment the user loses internet access.

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS addresses that limitation. It provides users an easy and affordable solution that allows Chromebook users to access the Windows applications they’re accustomed to, regardless of whether they have an internet connection. This means users will not experience any loss of productivity.

Users of Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS can enjoy all the benefits of Chrome OS and Windows from a single device. They can share files and other content between each OS, switch between OSs effortlessly, and perform several other functions that involve the two platforms.

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