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Free Thin Clients—Use Parallels RAS To Extend The Lifespan Of Legacy Machines

Comprehensive desktop replacement solution to replace unsecure Windows XP, 7, 8.1 machines — deploy free thin clients on legacy devices from a central interface portal hosted on the server

Businesses of all sizes are considering ways to cut costs in their office IT budgets. One significant cost in the workplace is maintaining up-to-date computer hardware. However, cutting costs by keeping legacy machines online can have unexpected consequences, especially in terms of security.

Rather than buy new hardware in order to upgrade OS, many businesses are finding that VDI technology offers a low-cost, streamlined solution for cutting IT budgets and streamlining maintenance. Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) allows businesses to easily convert legacy machines into secure, pseudo thin clients where desktops are hosted on the shared server. This leading VDI and virtual application solution also deploys a highly secure, centralized management environment for IT administrators to streamline their operations. With Parallels RAS, IT administrators can extend the PC hardware lifecycle, efficiently manage employee devices, and achieve remote access to client machines.

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Deploying Thin Clients overview

Primarily, businesses choose to deploy thin clients on their networks to streamline IT workflow and to save on costs. Thin clients are stripped-down machines with often less advanced capabilities than desktop computers that are hosted on a central server. The greatest benefits of deploying thin clients across a business network are increased manageability and security — with lowered costs!