Automatically schedule break reminders on macOS or Windows 10 with Parallels Toolbox Break Time

Are you feeling burned out at work or lacking motivation during long stints on the computer? Whether you’re working remotely or back in the office, keep reading to learn what you can do when you need a break from screen time to protect your mental and physical health.  

Burnout at work can feel like: 

Parallels Toolbox sweeps into the rescue with an incredible suite of one-click utilities. It’s filled with helpful tools to help manage the health of your computer, your productivity and your own wellbeing. Our engineers designed this all-in-one suite for creative individuals, students, small-business owners, chronic multitaskers, IT managers and everyone in between.  

Included with Parallels® Toolbox is an incredible tool called Break Time that schedules break reminders to avoid burnout and promote productivity. Additionally, Parallels Toolbox is available for either macOS or Windows 10 with dozens of additional helpful tools included. 

The Break Time tool is simple. Our tool allows for customized breaks with automatic reminders to keep your schedule optimized for your needs during the day.  

Nourish and promote your own productivity by using the Parallels Toolbox Break Time tool as a reminder to take regular breaks from your computer. When it’s break time, our tool encourages you to spend some time away from the computer screen. 

We’ll leave medical advice to the experts, but it’s safe to say it’s not optimal to sit in the same position for long periods. Not to mention, a break from screen time does wonders for promoting positive mental health habits.  

In the tool’s preferences, you can set how often to take a break and how long the break should be. When the time comes, you’ll be reminded to take a break. Your break duration will be counted if there is no use to the keyboard or movement to your computers mouse.  

Parallels Toolbox is our all-in-one solution with over 30 tools for macOS and Windows 10. With just one click, you can save space on your hard drive, create high-quality content, quickly optimize your computer for a presentation and so much more. Our economical suite of tools replaces the need for multiple applications and programs. Try a free 7-day trial of Parallels Toolbox for macOS or Windows 10 from the links below! 

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