Enhance your experience with .NET8 by using Parallels Desktop

Good news! I’m happy to share that your favorite way to run Windows on Mac, Parallels Desktop is compatible with the newly introduced .NET8 and enables developers to make the most of the update to Microsoft’s .NET platform.  

Microsoft recently announced that they were introducing .NET8, the latest version of the popular open-source developer platform. It is the successor to .NET8 and will be supported for three years. It encompasses .NET Aspire, aimed at simplifying cloud application complexity (and more) and .NET MAUI for cross-platform development

Interested in making your experience with .NET8 as optimal as possible? Try Parallels Desktop and boost your productivity while streamlining your cross-platform development process.  

How do I use .NET8 on a Mac? Will I need to change or update my IDE? 

To get started using .NET8 on a Mac, you first install the SDK and follow the instructions to set up your development environment.  

From there, you can enjoy the cross-platform development and cross-platform testing capabilities of Parallels Desktop using the same integrated development environment or IDE that you’ve been using previously.  

What are the benefits of developers using .NET8? 

As in any update, there were bug fixes and other performance enhancements in the .NET8 release.  

Some significant changes include (in no particular order): 

The latest version of .NET8 also offers improved MAUI integration for cross-platform development, which is a positive change if you are developing a brand new or greenfield application. Note that if you have existing code in c#, MAUI integration will compete with frameworks like Flutter or React Native. 

What’s more, .NET8 introduces .NET Aspire, designed to simplify cloud app complexity and more, aimed at empowering developers to produce production-ready distributed applications. 

How does .NET 8 work with Parallels Desktop?  

You can use Parallels Desktop to work with .NET8 on a Mac in the same way as you have previously worked with .NET.  

With Parallels Desktop, you can confidently take advantage of everything .NET8 offers and benefits from the numerous features and enhancements described above, while maintaining a simple and secure development environment. 

Can .NET8 developers use Mac?  

Yes, .NET8 developers can use Macs and macOS if they use Visual Studio Code as their code editor or the Visual Studio IDE. 

What does this mean for Visual Studio? 

Visual Studio has been updated to work with .NET8 version 2022 17.8. If Visual Studio is the IDE you are using, you need to update to version 20222 17.8 of .NET to be able to use .NET8 and c#12. 

How does .NET 8 integrate with Azure OpenAI? 

The development framework integrates with different providers, but the biggest one will be Azure OpenAI service. 

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