Parallels Access 4.0 Released, Adds Support for iPhone X

The latest version of Parallels Access® adds a much-requested feature: support for iPhone® X, including new technologies in iPhone X such as Face ID®. Parallels Access, which gives users a convenient and natural way to control their desktop applications from their tablet or phone, now has full support for the higher resolution screen of the iPhone X. (See Figure 1.)

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 1_Parallels Access 4.0 on the iPhone X

Of course, iPhone X apps that have a sign-in feature must support Face ID. Setting up and using Face ID in Parallels Access 4.0 is straightforward and easy. (See Figure 2.)

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 2_Setting up and using Face ID in Parallels Access 4.0

For those of you with an older iPhone, Touch ID® is still supported.

In addition to support for the iPhone X, Parallels Access 4.0 also adds the following features on iOS clients:

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 3_Dumbo MouseMode added to Parallels Access 4.0

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 4_Parallels Access Widget

If you’re using your iPad Pro® as desktop replacement and you really miss having a mouse, Parallels Access 4.0 adds support for the SwiftPoint GT mouse, which you can connect to the iPad Pro using Bluetooth®. Figure 5 shows me using the SwiftPoint GT mouse with my iPad Pro.

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 5_Using the SwiftPoint GT Mouse with Parallels Access on an iPad Pro

In addition to the iOS and Android clients, Parallels Access also enables you to access your remote computer(s) from any computer or device with a current HTML5 web browser. Simply login to your Parallels account (Figure 6) to select and access your computer, without having to install any browser extensions (Figure 7).

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 6_Log into your Parallels Access My Account to see all your remote computers

Parallels Access 4.0

Figure 7_Running Microsoft Edge via Parallels Access and Safari on a Mac

Parallels Access 4.0 is a free update to anyone with a current Parallels Access subscription, and there’s a free, 7-day trial for anyone else. Download your free trial of Parallels Access now.

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