Supercharged Performance

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac now runs with significantly less disk, memory, and CPU usage.

Runs Faster

Runs Faster

Start Windows and applications up to 35% faster.

Saves Space

Saves Space

Get up to 20 GB back with automatic disk monitoring.

Easily Monitors

Easily Monitors

Instantly view and monitor CPU and RAM usage.

Optimizes Memory

Optimizes Memory

Automatic adjustment of video memory for best performance.

New OS Ready

New macOS

Optimized for macOS® Mojave including Dark Mode.

Over 50 New Features!

Watch Video

Super-charged performance. Get more out of your Mac®.

macOS Mojave

Optimized for macOS Mojave (10.14) and Windows 10 updates.

Up to date for Apple's latest operating system release with features including Dark Mode, as well as security and privacy feature updates. Plus, from your Windows applications, seamlessly experience Quick Look and Continuity Camera with your iPhone®.

Free up More Disk Space

Parallels Desktop 14® for Mac makes it easier than ever to get back space on your Mac! Get up to 20 GB back with new disk usage optimization. Automatically reorganize your virtual disk to increase limits for optimal storage savings.

The “Free up Disk Space” notifications display how to archive data and reclaim space—plus, you can utilize Clean Drive in Parallels® Toolbox to save even more space.

Graphics Improvements

Stay up to date with changes to video memory allocation and improved OpenGL support. Launch even more applications and popular CAD programs without slowing down your Mac.

New! Run SketchUp Pro, OriginLab, DIALux 8, DELFTship, CTvox, and more on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 14.

Touch Bar

Get additional support with the Mac Touch Bar™ for Windows and Windows applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Visual Studio, OneNote, and Visio.

Plus, continue to use the Touch Bar Wizard (introduced in Parallels Desktop 13) for advanced customization options.

Performance Boosts

  • Up to 35% faster starting Windows and applications
  • 2x performance improvements with AVX512 support
  • Suspend on APFS formatted disks is up to 30% faster
  • Start Parallels Desktop up to 80% faster
  • Snapshots in Parallels Desktop 14 take up to 15% less disk space
  • The lightest, fastest Parallels Desktop release yet!
Use Stylus Pen in Mac and Windows Simultaneously

Shared Pressure Sensitivity

Use your stylus pen (or your finger by holding Fn) in both Mac and Windows—without the hassle of connecting or disconnecting devices.

Use a Webcam in Mac and Windows Simultaneously

Shared Camera

Use a webcam in Windows, with better FPS rates and higher resolutions available.

Improved performance of multi-monitor feature in Mac and Windows


Improved performance and handling of “Use All Displays” in Full Screen.

Adjust the Amount of Windows VM Video Memory on your Mac

Video Memory

Adjusts the amount of video memory you need automatically.

Windows and Mac Integration

Supports Windows 10 Update

Ready and optimized for the Windows 10 Update 1809 coming later this year.

Improved Windows 10 Maintenance

In addition to scheduled maintenance, you can start it manually when you want, or choose Snooze to keep working. Parallels Desktop 14 detection is enhanced so you can do maintenance when Windows is downloading and installing updates.

Better Monitoring

Quickly view, track, and manage your CPU usage in the status bar while using Window and Full Screen modes.

New Resource Monitor simplifies how you view CPU and RAM availability.

More Tools Than Ever Before!

Parallels Toolbox is a whole suite of tools for a fraction of the cost of individual apps, packaged in one simple interface and included with Parallels Desktop 14.

Keep your focus with Presentation Mode. Instantly disable those embarrassing pop-ups or bouncing icons.

Clean Drive keeps your computer’s storage optimized and free of unimportant data.

Find Duplicates to free up extra space on your computer.

Grab videos from the Internet and watch offline using Download Video.

Take Screenshots or Record a Video with a single click for quick cut-and-paste jobs.

Upgrade to Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

More Power

Allocate up to 128 GB vRAM/32 vCPUs for each virtual machine.

Stay Up to Date

Always release-ready! Prepared for future macOS and Windows updates, as well as hardware updates such as the latest Intel processors.

Added Dev Options

Network simulation tools, Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in, and additional VM profiles for design, development, and testing.

Plus: Receive 24/7 support, allocate even more memory to your virtual machine, and get support for business cloud services. You’ll also get bonus software: 30+ tools and remote access for your computer.

Upgrade for $49.99/year

Standard Edition
Optimized for macOS Mojave
Disk space optimization
Auto video memory
Monitor CPU usage
Upgrade $49.99
Pro Edition
All the Standard Edition features PLUS:
Free upgrades to newer versions
Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in
Additional VM profiles
Advanced networking tools
Support for business cloud services
Premium 24/7 phone and email support
Upgrade to Pro Edition $49.99/year

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Parallels Desktop 14 is the most powerful solution for running Windows and Windows applications on Mac with significantly less disk, memory, and CPU usage. For more information, view the What’s New in Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac user guide.

The lightest, fastest Parallels Desktop release yet!

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