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Extend Remote Access in Remote Working Solutions

extend remote accessExtend remote access: The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spreading globally, affecting people, and challenging businesses to continue with their daily operations. The Parallels team are doing their utmost to continue seamless business operations despite the crisis. Our main priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners during this time.

As the number of people who need to self-isolate increases, many organizations are looking toward remote working solutions. We are receiving numerous requests for information from companies about how Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) can help.

Many of our current customers are using our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution to enable their employees to work from any location, using any device – including smartphones. We can help employees securely access their virtual desktops and applications from home, without the need to be in the office, allowing for business continuity.   

Parallels RAS allows customers to instantly provide remote access to their business-critical applications by effortlessly deploying a VDI infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or any other public cloud.  

In addition, Parallels RAS provides Remote PC functionality – enabling users to access their office PC remotely. Employees can access and work on their PC from any device, regardless of the PC’s physical location.   

If you need further guidance about how we can assist you during this time, please get in touch via email.  

Benefits of VDI over VPN for Remote working 


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also an effective tool that allows you to access your corporate network remotely. The basic idea behind VPN is to create a secure tunnel between the access location and the corporate office, thus ensuring that the data sent over it is secure.  

While VPN also serves the purpose of allowing your remote employees to access your corporate network, VDI however has significant benefits over VPN. Mentioned below are the benefits of VDI over VPN for remote working:  

Transversing the VPN tunnel repeatedly for accessing the corporate network puts demands on both the user’s home internet connection and the internet connection of the corporate office.   

In comparison, VDI poses less demand for internet connectivity since the virtual desktop is already on the corporate network. Since minimal data is sent between the virtual desktop and the remote user, bandwidth usage is reduced and better utilized. 


With VPN solutionsorganizations have to ensure that a remote user PC is locked down using Microsoft Group Policy or MDM software. Doing this for all connected PCs increases management overhead.  

On the other hand, since all virtual desktops are managed and configured from a central location, management becomes easier in VDI solutions. Virtual desktops can be easily reimaged or reconfigured thus reducing the management overhead. 

Extend Remote Access: How Parallels RAS is Handling the Current Health Crisis  

Travel: We have already commenced a moratorium on any non-essential travel across the company, and have advised, that where possible, it is best to avoid travel or participation in large conferences and business events.  

Working from home:  We are monitoring the situation daily, but at the moment we are not mandating a work from home policy across the company, depending on location. We understand that temporary local situations may require individuals or groups to work from home in certain situations.  

We continue to monitor updates provided by the WHO, CDC, and other health departments in order to best address local situations.   

Parallels RAS Business Continuity Plan  

If you’re contemplating a quick solution to enable a remote-work mandate in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have designed a solution to meet your needs. For further information, please contact us:  

Customers in the U.S. 

Customers in Europe and the Middle East  

Parallels RAS strives to support your organization by providing flexible working solutions during the current health crisis. 

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