Update to Parallels Toolbox for Mac just released!

We have just released an update to Parallels® Toolbox for Mac®, with four additional tools and several new features requested by users.

New Tools

The four new tools are shown in Figure 1.

Parallels Toolbox

Figure 1_The Toolbox menu, always available in the Mac menu bar

They are:

Download Audio – Similar to the Download Video tool but targeted toward downloading audio from the Internet, including multiple track downloads from a single page.

Airplane Mode – Easily disable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® on your Mac.

Switch Resolution – Enables you to quickly switch display resolutions—perhaps even to resolutions you didn’t know your display supported. This tool will be especially useful to those who consider the Apple® resolution choices a bit too limited. Compare the macOS® choices on an iMac® to the ones offered in the Switch Resolution tool, as shown in Figure 2.

Parallels Toolbox

Figure 2_Comparing the Mac Display preferences to the Screen Resolution tool

Presentation Mode – This tool automatically detects connected external displays or a projector. It also enables several other tools to minimize distractions, such as hiding files on your desktop, disabling notifications, and blocking your Mac from going to sleep.

New Features

Among the features in this update are:

The Download Video tool can be automatically updated. This is especially important since some of the most popular video posting sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) change the manner in which videos are referenced. These changes can make the Download Video tool no longer work. This update means that we can fix these issues quickly.

The Screenshot tools can now save images in different formats. You set the format you want in the tool preferences, as shown in Figure 3.

Parallels Toolbox

Figure 3_New image formats available in the Screenshot tools

Several different do-not-sleep durations are now available in the Do Not Sleep tool.

You can install the new Parallels Toolbox update by using the “Check for Updates …” menu item. (See Figure 4.)

Parallels Toolbox

Figure 4_Checking for updates of Parallels Toolbox for Mac

Every Parallels Toolbox user will receive the new features in this update. Only users with a subscription—either for Parallels Desktop® 12 for Mac or Parallels Toolbox—will receive the new tools.

The tool I use the most is Download Video. Let us know in the comments which tool you use the most.

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