Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK

Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK allows automation and scripting on your farm, increasing compatibility with Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Administrators can manage the farm through the command line.

Parallels RAS
Automation with Microsoft PowerShell

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) PowerShell SDK allows IT admins to automate the provisioning and management of an entire Parallels RAS infrastructure. From adding new users, to provisioning applications, to updating groups of users, to the auto-creation of new servers—all the common tasks can be easily automated with PowerShell API. Additionally, the configurable notifications of the Parallels RAS Console allow IT staff to define PowerShell-based event handlers that react to the changes in a Parallels RAS deployment.

Flexible Management through Scripting

Using Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK is simple and straightforward. In addition, the "Get Help" option provides explanations about the use and structure of all the commands available. IT administrators can also use verbosity mode on the PowerShell window to monitor the processing and progress of scripts and actions for debugging and troubleshooting. Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK can be installed as a standalone component, allowing IT to connect and manage the farm from any location.

Management Tools

Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK tools empower IT to deploy and manage the farm, without interaction with the Parallels RAS Console.

Parallels RAS

Quick Deployment Tool

It allows a quick farm deployment by automatically performing all the necessary actions. Starting from basic input details such as a Parallels My Account, domain administrator credentials, server address, and more, the tool creates the farm infrastructure.

Parallels RAS

Session Management

IT staff can connect from any location to a Parallels RAS Farm by simply providing the server IP address and the administrator credentials. IT staff without the Parallels RAS Console can still monitor the sessions, the active applications on each session, send a message to a user, and disconnect or logoff a session.
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Use Cases

Scripting creation using Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK

This set of APIs provides the ability to create and deploy a new Parallels RAS Farm, activate the license, and publish applications and desktops.

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Using this list of commands, administrators can publish and configure items on a Parallels RAS Farm.

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With this script, it is possible to add a VDI host server, create a VDI template, and publish the VDI desktop through the template.

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Access Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK list of commands.

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Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK Command Groups

PowerShell SDK

VDI commands

The commands used to create and modify a VDI Agent, a Parallels RAS Template, a VDI Host, and a VDI Guest. The IT administrator can make changes in the VDI infrastructure of the farm without the need of the Parallels RAS Console.

PowerShell SDK

RDSH commands

The commands used to create and modify an RDS Host, an RDS Group, and schedule a job type are just a part of those currently available. IT administrators can create and deploy RDS servers and groups as well as schedule them when to go online or offline, allowing for better resource management.

PowerShell SDK

Publishing Agent commands

The commands used to create and modify a Parallels RAS Publishing Agent as well as remove it. This way the IT administrator can dynamically manage the number of Parallels RAS Publishing Agents on the farm anytime from anywhere.

PowerShell SDK

Gateway commands

The set of commands used to handle a Parallels RAS Secure Gateway, such as create, set, or remove a gateway. This provides a quick way to configure a gateway or set a backup if needed without using the Parallels RAS Console.

PowerShell SDK

Security commands

IT administrators can change the multifactor identification settings and controls through the Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK, allowing them to dynamically change the identification method of the farm from anywhere.

PowerShell SDK

Publishing commands

Commands to add published resources such as an application or a VDI desktop are available for IT administrators. Publish a new application while you work remotely with no hassle.

PowerShell SDK

VM commands

Commands to start, stop, suspend and restart a virtual machine (VM) in a farm are available through the Parallels RAS PowerShell SDK. IT administrators can manage the number of VMs currently running on a farm or restart a VM if needed.

What Is Microsoft PowerShell?

Microsoft PowerShell is a Microsoft .NET Framework-connected environment designed for administrative automation. Windows PowerShell provides an approach to building commands, composing solutions, and creating graphical user interface-based management tools.

Microsoft PowerShell's capabilities enable an IT administrator to simplify and automate tedious and repetitive tasks for the administration of system resources by creating scripts and combining multiple commands (scripts) together.

The Microsoft PowerShell task automation and configuration management framework has long been associated with core Microsoft workloads; it provides access to everything from Azure Stack to Windows 10. From mid-2016, it’s also a cross-platform open source shell and scripting tool.