Outlook for Mac:
How to Get Microsoft Outlook for Mac

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular platforms for email customization using Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Its use is widespread due to its rich built-in features, quality performance, and versatility. It is beneficial for Mac users to plan organizational activities with a rich user experience for emails and calendars.

Why you might want Outlook on Mac

The new Microsoft Outlook for Mac is a must-have for companies looking to offer top communications and organization capabilities to their remote workers. Some of the reasons Mac users need to have Outlook include the following:

Efficient productive space

Enterprise workers can enjoy the rules, swipes, and snooze for their business projects. Here are some things you can do with Microsoft Outlook on Mac:

Customer rules and swipe settings help fast navigation of high-volume accounts using sync technologies developed by Microsoft. It enhances performance, and email will load at lightning speeds.

  • The improved search option allows for filtering using the importance of message status, attachments, and keywords or through natural language search.
  • Users can select a convenient time to revisit the unread emails with an option to snooze messages.

Better organization

An organization for remote workers is a challenge. Mac users can now access People and My Day on Microsoft Outlook for Mac to offer quality organization features. With 'People,' users can collect their key contacts in one space within the applications. It improves the management and exploration with the contacts they need to collaborate with often.

Zoom from inside Outlook

Customization with Mac Outlook is easy with a drag-&-drop arrangement for folders and accounts and the ability to mark contacts as favorites for fast access. Users can also personalize their toolbar to keep the control they need most in open locations. Equally important, you can also install toolbar commands to access other third-party apps and features, such as Salesforce, Zoom, DocuSign, and Microsoft Forms.

Calendars and meetings

The calendars on Outlook have classifications for the users' calendars, calendars shared, and Microsoft 365 Group Calendars. The features for this calendar include:

  • Set up events from the calendar grid
  • Invite people using Team toggle
  • Find any relevant emails and files for the meeting

How to get Microsoft Outlook on Mac

Start by inspecting if your Mac meets the system requirements for downloading and installing Microsoft 365 (Office). To set up the Outlook mail app on your Mac, you first have to install Office. Here is the process:

Step 1: Download and install Office; ensure you have a product key or license to install Office at work

Step 2: After downloading, open Finder, navigate to Downloads, and double-click on Microsoft Office installer.pkg file

Step 3: You will see the installation screen pop up and select Continue to start the installation process

Step 4: Check the software license agreement and click Continue

Step 5: Click Agree to the terms of the software license agreement

Step 6: Select how you would wish to install Office, then click Continue

Step 7: Review your disk space requirements. You may change the install location then click Install

Step 8: Type in your Mac password in the popup box, then click Install Software (use the password you use for your Mac device)

Step 9: After installation, click close

Setting Outlook Mail on Mac

  1. With Microsoft Office installed, navigate to Applications in Finder and Double click Microsoft Outlook.ap
  2. Click Get started
  3. Click Sign in
  4. Enter work or school email address and click next
  5. Enter the email password and click next
  6. Select the Office theme
  7. Add the work email address on the prompt
  8. Click Done to finish


Parallels Desktop lets you use your Windows OS on your Mac and access Outlook. Use it as your all-in-one solution for all business activities.