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Common Issues Solved with Remote Working

advantage of remote workingOne advantage of remote working is solving common issues like traffic. Traffic has been a significant problem all over the world for many decades now. In several cities, every person loses more than a hundred hours to traffic every year (some even over 200 hours)If your team’s productivity keeps getting stuck in traffic, you might have to give remote working some severe thought. 

People lost hundreds of hours to traffic last year 

Transportation data firm INRIX Research recently published its annual rankings of the most congested cities in the world. The report showed that people in Belfast, Edinburgh, Toronto, and Boston lost at least 160 hours due to traffic in 2018, while those in Moscow, Paris, Dublin, Rome, and Bogota lost more than 200These numbers can be reduced if companies adopted remote working. 

Advantages of remote working 

Remote working (aka teleworking) is when businesses allow employees to work from home or just about anywhere. When implemented correctly, teleworking brings many business benefits, including: 

  1. Improves employee satisfaction and talent retention  Remote working allows employees to avoid traffic jams and the health risks that come with them, like stress and fatigueBut that’s not all—it also gives them the freedom to choose where to workwhether it be at home, in a coffee shop, etcThis means a lot, especially for younger workers like Millennials and GenZ-ers. As a result, employees who work remotely tend to be happier with their jobs, giving companies an excellent chance to retain top talent.
  2. Increases productivity – Morning gridlocks typically happen because people rush to work at the same time. But when you give your employees flexible hours, they can stay at home during rush hour and start working (while everyone else is stuck in traffic). Later in the day, when the roads clear up, they can go to the office if needed. Of course, their travel time will be much shorter, so the amount of work done will be much higher.
  3. Reduces your carbon footprint / Go Green – We all know that carbon dioxide and other gases emitted by vehicles are a significant cause of global warmingYou can imagine how high the volume of those emissions can be whenever these vehicles get caught in traffic jams. When you allow your employees to work from home and avoid traffic, your company will be doing our planet a big favor. 

How to do remote work the right way 

While remote working is a sound solution to our traffic woes, it’s not something you can roll out hastily. Teleworking can also introduce risks, especially security-wise. To protect your digital assets when adopting remote work, you need to ensure your data transmissions are secure. You also need to secure your employees’ devices, as they could be the cause of a data leak. 

One way to mitigate those risks is by using Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) as the backbone of your remote working initiatives. Parallels RAS allows organizations to build a secure teleworking environment through its robust collection of security features like data-in-motion encryption, multi-factor authentication, kiosk mode, and many others.  

More importantly, Parallels RAS delivers virtual applications and desktops from a central location. This means digital assets won’t be easily compromised, even if an employee’s laptop gets lost or stolen, and software vulnerabilities can be easily patched. 

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