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Beat the Competition

Offer an all-in-one, cost-effective and high-performing application delivery and VDI solution that allows your customers to access virtual workspaces 24/7 from anywhere.

Secure Data

Protect your customer’s data from unauthorized access by centralizing, monitoring and restricting access to applications and desktops.

Incremental or Enhanced Services

Enable your customers to implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOD) policies, digital workspaces and flexible working.

Become More Agile

Provide your customers with reliable business continuity and accessibility by allowing them to leverage on-premises, hybrid or public cloud deployments.

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Sign up to the Parallels Partner Program and create new revenue streams by supporting customers in deploying Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). Benefit from being able to offer your customers one complete package for all virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) needs. Join today and receive a not-for-resale (NFR) key to start testing Parallels RAS in your working environment.

Training and Certification

All Parallels training is free to members of the Parallels Partner Program. Receive the training required to deploy, configure and maintain Parallels RAS. View a basic demo of the installation and a breakdown of components. Advanced training on extended features is also available.

You can find available training dates by checking our Training Calendar.

Partner Customer Stories

Based in El Cerrito, California, TSG Networks wanted to serve their customers with a faster and simpler virtualization solution. Almost immediately after switching to Parallels RAS, TSG Networks experienced many benefits. The painless implementation of cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments made Parallels RAS a quick asset to the company’s bottom-line and ability to serve its customers.

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After adopting Parallels RAS, Direct Network Services BV—a leading managed service provider (MSP) in the Netherlands—realized an immediate benefit: the ability to efficiently publish custom applications for multiple clients. From a centralized location, the company was able to publish custom application to end users located in multiple countries.

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BlueBridge Networks is a private-cloud service provider that allows its customers to take advantage of affordable and scalable managed IT services. BlueBridge Networks chose Parallels RAS as it offered the best-in-class value, with more comprehensive features than Citrix. The company was able to publish applications to customers on a remote connection to private cloud hosting services.

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Techedge is the leading software supplier to broadcasters and media agencies. After comparing the costs and benefits of different virtualization services, the Techedge team decided to install Parallels RAS to provide a comprehensive, affordable application delivery solution to their customers. The company immediately appreciated the ease of use, management and setup.

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Membership Requirements and Benefits

Registered Partner Requirements and Benefit
Partner registration profile complete
Free training
Access to NFR licenses
Certified Partner Requirements and Benefit
All Registered Partner Requirements and Benefits Included
Business plan
Parallels RAS displayed on website
Minimum technical and sales certifications 2
Deal registration
Premier Partner Requirements and Benefit (by invitation only)
All Certified Partner Requirements and Benefits Included
Minimum technical and sales certifications 4
Priority website listing
Qualified leads
Mentor program
Channel account manager
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated technical manager
Premier partner support
Market Development Funds (MDF)
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