Parallels Independent Software Vendor Program

Parallels Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program is tailored specifically to ISVs and independent developers who are interested in offering their existing applications as Software as a Service (SaaS) without refactoring their software or rewriting it for the cloud or mobile platforms.

We understand the challenge you are facing.

With millions of lines of existing code, it might take years to make your application multi-tenant-, cloud-, and mobile-ready, yet you still need to innovate and deliver new features to existing customers. We understand the challenges of turning your organization from a traditional software vendor into a service provider—from the need to build and maintain a server infrastructure to working with very different support and operations teams.

Parallels Independent Software Vendor Program helps ISVs address challenges and provides a fast and seamless path to becoming a SaaS provider.

Instantly Take your Applications Mobile

Parallels Remote Application Server provides ISVs a solution to become a cloud-ready service provider without interrupting the software development cycle. Traditional software architectures are instantly transformed into full-featured native-like applications, providing customers a brilliant mobile experience on any device. 

Guided Shift to the Cloud

Transitioning from packaged software to SaaS means changing your business model. Parallels supports and understands how ISVs can take this step and move from a software vendor to a service provider model. Our team of experts have supported many ISVs through this transition. We work closely with ISVs to build specific strategies for delivering architecture and creating the scale necessary to make a successful transition to becoming a service provider.

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream

Traditional software companies are very close to their core business model. Moving away from one-time upfront revenue is a big step. Parallels Remote Application Server makes it easy for ISVs to plug into a SaaS model and attract more customers with lower upfront fees while building a recurring revenue stream.

Lower Your Costs and Increase Your Margin

Although moving to an SaaS model boosts recurring revenue, you are faced with a number of variable costs when operating as a service provider, including servers, networking, and larger operations and support teams. Each of these recurring costs eats into your margin. Compared to other application delivery solutions, Parallels® Remote Application Server lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) and can increase your net profit.

SPLA Sublicenses

Parallels RAS supports sublicensing, which allows you to create different licenses for each customer. You can then monitor and control the maximum number of users per customer.

An SPLA sublicense can have an unlimited number of concurrent users. When an SPLA sublicense has a limited number of concurrent users, Parallels RAS can monitor the license consumption and send admins an email notification about the usage.

Under one single master license key, a service provider can manage multiple customers while retaining easy, centralized billing.

White Labeling

Parallels Client for Windows and the HTML5 client-less browser solutions include white-labeling capabilities. This allows your organization to customize the user interface (UI) to reflect your branding and color scheme. Different themes can even be configured for individual users or groups within Active Directory to reflect different customer or department requirements.

What You Can Expect as a Parallels ISV Partner

  • The best remote application delivery software – Parallels Remote Application Server
  • Help with designing the best infrastructure and architecture for your SaaS services
  • Direct access to Parallels Remote Application Server developers
  • Quarterly health checks on your environment
  • 24x7x365 support with direct access to L2/L3 support for critical tickets
  • Access to Beta testing and feedback to engineering
  • Authorization to resell and host Parallels products
  • Road Map discloser privileges
  • Free online training and certification courses
  • A dedicated technical account manager
  • White label Parallels Remote Application Server

Your Success Is Our Success!

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