Parallels Customer Experience Program

Our Customer Experience Program (CEP) is a way for you to contribute to the design and development of Parallels products. This program enables you to provide us with essential information about the features you use, the configuration of your computer, and the problems you face. Based on this information, we will be able to improve Parallels products and implement new, valuable features. We also use this information to decide which configurations we no longer need to support.

The program is voluntary. If you are an individual customer, you can choose whether or not to participate in the Parallels CEP at the time of installation. If you are a business customer, the IT administrator of your organization would manage the CEP participation for all users.

How does CEP work?

If you choose to participate, CEP will begin to automatically collect anonymous information about how you use Parallels products. Data collected from you and other participants is aggregated and analyzed to help us improve Parallels products.

We do not collect any personal data, like your name, address, phone number, or keyboard input.

What does CEP collect?

Depending on the product, some of the following data is collected through CEP:

  • Hardware and software configuration of your device
  • Product preferences and settings
  • Feature usage events, like initiating product functions, including timestamps
How often does CEP send data?

The data collected through CEP is sent to Parallels with different frequency depending on the data type. Some information that doesn’t change often, like hardware configuration, may only be sent once every 3 months; while some feature usage information may be sent in real time.

Will I be contacted or receive spam if I participate?

No. Your contact information is not collected by CEP, which means you will not be contacted because of your participation in the program.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. You can leave the program at any time by opting-out of the CEP usage data collection in the product preferences. If you are a business user, your organization`s IT team controls the users` participation in the CEP program.

How does Parallels protect my privacy if I choose to participate?

CEP does not collect any personal data or information that can be used to identify or contact you. More details on how Parallels protects your privacy are provided in our Privacy Statement