Meet our Team at ALSO Expo 2019

It’s always nice to have a breath of fresh air from time to time. Fortunately, we’ll be getting a lot of it, literally, real soon. Come September 26, we will be attending the ALSO Expo at Tampere, Finland, home to some of the purest air (and water) in the world.

The ALSO Expo is the largest event for IT and consumer electronics in Finland and it’s going to be held once again in Tampere Hall, the biggest culture and congress centre in the Nordic countries. Tampere Hall hosts no less than 900 events and 480,000 visitors annually.

Nestled between two pristine lakes and widely recognized as a vibrant economic and cultural hub, Tampere (especially during summertime) provides the perfect backdrop for any major tech gathering. The ALSO Expo never fails to attract a wonderful mix of tech vendors, manufacturers, service providers, and professionals. So, you can imagine why our team just can’t wait to be there.

The Corel team will be exhibiting products and offerings from CorelDRAW, Parallels, Pinnacle, and WinZip. Here’s an overview of what we’re going to showcase in our booth.


Look out for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019, the latest iteration of our popular software suite for professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and design. 2019 now comes with a brand new Mac version that’s been completely redesigned from the ground up, a web app, a pixel tool that helps produce sharper graphics, and a bunch of other really cool new features.

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is made up of:


For our Parallels presentations, we’ll be featuring a set of solutions that make it super easy to use or manage Windows and Mac environments simultaneously on a single device or management console. Individuals and organizations who use both Windows and Macs on a daily basis will find this part of our exhibit particularly interesting.

The Parallels products we’ll be showcasing at ALSO Expo include:


If you’re into video editing, then you will definitely want to check out our Pinnacle family of products. We’ve got video editing solutions for every skill level and use case. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a professional or a creative agency, there’s a Pinnacle Studio that’s right for you.

Look for these Pinnacle Studio software when you visit our booth:


Not many people haven’t heard or used WinZip. But did you know this ubiquitous compression tool has even more editions that cater to specific use cases? If you didn’t, you should visit our booth. We’ll introduce you to:

This year’s ALSO Expo comes at the tail end of the Finnish summer. There couldn’t be a better time to meet like-minded tech folks, see the latest innovations, breath fresh air, and sample that black sausage we’ve been hearing so much about. Looking forward to seeing you there!