How to Choose Chromebook-Compatible Printers

Google Chromebooks are great computers. However, when it comes to printing, things may get a little confusing. Back in 2001, when Chrome OS didn’t have native printing support, Google Cloud Print (GCP) was introduced to allow users to print from Chrome to almost any printer connected to the internet.

Chromebooks have come a long way since then. Today, Chromebooks come with native printing support, and most printers will work with Chromebooks right out of the box without complicated configurations. So Chromebook users now have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a Chromebook-compatible printer.

Follow our tips to determine which Chromebook-compatible printer you should buy.

What Is a Cloud-Ready Printer?

Cloud-ready printers are printers that connect directly to the web and do not require a computer to set them up. For Chrome OS, you used to be able to connect these printers directly to your Google Cloud Print account. By connecting the printer directly to the web, Google Cloud Print enabled you, or any other person you authorised, to log in to print anything that you wanted within seconds. The only things you needed were a cloud-ready printer and a Google Cloud Print account.

But, this super convenient and easy-to-use service is no longer available, as Google just discontinued its Cloud Print services starting in January 2021 and no longer offers support for it. So now, Chromebook users will have to leverage other options for printing through their Chromebooks.

What Are Some Google Cloud Print Alternatives?

There are several alternatives available for former Google Cloud Print service users, especially for those who use Chrome, Chrome OS or G-suite. Some of these alternatives include:

Can You Print Directly to the Printer on Your Chromebook?

You can now connect your Chromebook directly to most Wi-Fi enabled printers or a wired network. The Chromebook, however, does not support Bluetooth printers as of now.

With most of the recent printer models able to connect to the internet, you can directly add them to your Chromebook, given that both your Chromebook and the printer are on the same network. Just click Ctrl+p, and choose from the list of printers connected to the same network.

You can also connect your printer to your Chromebook with a USB cable. Just follow the instructions that appear once you connect via USB cable, and you’ll be able to print pages in no time. When connecting your printer through a USB cable, you don’t need to be connected to the internet.

Print from Native Windows Applications on Chromebook with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Parallels® Desktop for Chrome OS lets users use applications and files from Microsoft Windows on their Chromebooks and has two printing features:

Windows printers on Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS work exactly the same way as on any Windows device. All it takes is a couple of steps, and you’ll be set in seconds.

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS allows your users to experience the familiarity of the Windows environment on Chrome OS devices, removing any learning gaps and discrepancies between the two OS environments.

Features such as Shared Clipboard make it easy to move content between Chrome OS and Windows. Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS comes with full support for your mouse, microphone, audio and docking, and USB devices like smart-card readers for full integration with Chrome OS solutions.

Explore more possibilities with full-featured Windows applications on Chrome Devices with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS!