Introducing Parallels Remote Application Server v15

New brilliant mobile end user experience, IT productivity features, and security enhancements mark the first major release of Parallels Remote Application Server since Parallels acquired the product line a year ago.


Today, we launched Parallels Remote Application Server version 15, giving IT organizations the easiest and the most cost-effective solution to deliver Windows applications and desktops to employees on any device. A short learning curve, fast implementation, easy migration from competing platforms, an integrated load-balancing solution, and the lowest licensing costs enable IT organizations to re-deploy their valuable IT budgets to other projects with implementation of Parallels Remote Application Server.

“IT departments today are increasingly seeking simpler and more cost-effective ways to deliver virtual applications and data to users on any device with on-location and device-specific features and security configurations,” said Robert Young, Research Director, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software, IDC. “The availability of such a useful and cost effective solution has the potential to disrupt the market by enabling enterprises, SMBs, VARs and MSPs to efficiently support more devices, while realizing ongoing cost savings from streamlined IT support, extended hardware life, and increased productivity.”

Designed with IT admin productivity and the end user experience in mind, Parallels Remote Application Server now features an enhanced user interface that reduces time for most common admin tasks, including a streamlined user enrollment process with intuitive configuration wizards for tasks such as application maintenance and new server setups.

“Parallels Remote Application Server v15 offers the easiest desktop and application delivery solution for corporate IT departments, ISVs and MSPs,” said Jack Zubarev, Parallels president. “Reducing complexity and costs from the delivery of any applications to employees on any devices was our goal for this v15 release.”


Parallels Remote Application Server offers IT administrators ultimate flexibility in delivering Windows and Windows applications to employees on any devices under BYOD or choice programs. The solution integrates and incorporates all features for remote desktop and application delivery—including reporting, high availability, two factor authentication, and Windows Client Management—which are functionalities that other products often sell separately. Ideal for any size of business, large or small, Parallels Remote Application Server is fully functional from the start with no installation of extra modules required.

“High-quality cross-platform support is the number one benefit of the switch from Citrix to Parallels Remote Application Server. Now, with the efforts of W.S. Badcock network engineers like Michael Buckley, we are able to efficiently deliver desktops and applications to Linux, Macintosh and Windows devices with ease,” said Todd Zacharias, W.S. Badcock Corp., Manager of IT Network Systems.


Dale Hobbs, LUSH Cosmetics’ Network and Security Systems Manager, said, “Switching to Parallels Remote Application Server was simple, and significantly reduced our licensing costs… We are able to easily create a stable network environment that is simple to deploy and manage.”


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Parallels Remote Application Server v15 Key Features:

Improved User Experience:

IT Management Improvements:

Publishing Versatility:

Enhanced Security:

Integrated Support:

Availability and Pricing

Download a free 30-day trial of Parallels Remote Application Server v15, which includes 50 concurrent user licenses, at

Parallels Remote Application Server v15 features a concurrent user license at $99 per year for a lower acquisition cost, lower support cost and lower training cost with full functionality from the start, including support. Parallels Remote Application Server will be available on February 3, 2016, via online and approved resellers which can be found at


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