Parallels® Secure Workspace

Premier support

Any downtime caused by IT-infrastructure failures can be too costly for businesses. Premier support service helps to reduce risk and downtime.

A dedicated technical account manager (TAM) from the premier support team at Parallels Secure Workspace will be working with your account. This person is the direct point of contact for all inquiries related to Parallels Secure Workspace. As the product expert, the TAM will resolve complex issues as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to maximize your business operation uptime via environment configuration according to best practices and at a scale that suits your needs.

Customer benefits

L2 support team

Tickets submitted by your account are processed with high priority. Bypassing the first line, your tickets are being handled by a technical account manager and L2 support team.

Technical account manager (TAM)

A personal engineer assigned to your account to process all technical queries related to Parallels Secure Workspace.

Case escalation and oversight

Your TAM will work with you on your case. The TAM ensures targeted response times are met for severity 1 & 2 issues and appropriate action plans are in place. For mission-critical issues that require immediate attention, your TAM escalates the issue and works on it with Parallels Secure Workspace engineering to reach resolution.

Upgrade assistance

Your TAM will guide you through best practices, optimal setup, known issues, assist with the upgrade process if needed, provide direction, and engage in road map discussions.

Understanding customer’s Parallels Secure Workspace infrastructure

A TAM who works with your account is aware of your infrastructure, which helps to significantly speed up the investigation.

Recurring status calls and health monitoring

Benefit from periodic sync up calls to ensure that the Parallels Secure Workspace environment is healthy, and all risks are mitigated. Constant status updates on opened tickets and feature requests are provided.

This proactive approach results in reduced risk of down-time in your Parallels Secure Workspace infrastructure.

Parallels Secure Workspace deployment reviews

Depending on your company’s needs, a TAM will be able to provide expert advice and best practices to improve the performance of Parallels Secure Workspace.

On-Demand remote product training

Upon request, a TAM can provide a training session covering architecture, installation and initial configuration of Parallels Secure Workspace. New product features can be covered in the scope of this call as well.

Root cause analysis

In case of a critical situation, upon request, a formal root cause analysis will be conducted.

Prioritized feature request reviews

Parallels Secure Workspace engineering regularly reviews your feature requests and provides feedback to your TAM.

Parallels Secure Workspace support service offering comparison

Plan benefits Standard Premier
Hours of operation 24x7x365 24x7x365
Max number of technical contacts 3 Unlimited
Number of support requests 40 Unlimited
Customer site profile
Product updates
Product upgrades
Support channels Phone, email Phone, email
Remote support
Technical account manager (TAM)
Target response times
Severity 1 (urgent)* 2 hours 1 hours
Severity 2 (high)* 4 hours 2 hours
Severity 3 (normal)* 12 hours 6 hours
Severity 4 (enhancement)* 48 hours 12 hours
Root cause analysis
On-demand product training
Access to Parallels Secure Workspace forum and self-service resources
Upgrade assistance
Recurring status calls and heath monitoring
Case escalation and oversight
L2 support team
Prioritized feature requests reviews
Parallels Secure Workspace deployment reviews

*Parallels Secure Workspace ticket severity definitions available here: