Watch an insightful session on the future of secure web browsing featuring our latest offering: Parallels Browser Isolation.

This on-demand webinar is your gateway to understanding how this innovative solution redefines safe and efficient web access, especially in an era when web-based threats like malware and phishing are on the rise and businesses increasingly rely on SaaS applications.

Discover Parallels Browser Isolation: Simple, seamless, secure browsing

Navigating the web safely while utilizing various SaaS applications is a significant challenge for businesses today. Parallels Browser Isolation emerges as a robust solution to this problem, offering a secure way to access the web without compromising on functionality or user experience.

In this informative, on-demand webinar, you will learn about:

  • Enhanced protection: Parallels Browser Isolation safeguards your digital environment against web-based threats, ensuring your business operations remain unaffected by malicious online activities.
  • Seamless SaaS integration: Connect to various SaaS applications seamlessly, ensuring secure and efficient access to these vital tools.
  • Advanced policy control: The granular policy engines of Parallels Browser Isolation allow you to tailor your web access policies to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Real-time monitoring: The real-time insights and comprehensive audit logs offered by our solution empower you with enhanced visibility and control over your web usage.

Embrace the future of secure browsing! Watch the recording now!

Step into a new era of safe, efficient, and seamless web browsing with Parallels Browser Isolation. Begin your journey towards a more secure digital workspace.

Meet the speakers 

Chris Marks

Chris Marks is a Principal Outbound Product Manager at Parallels. As an experienced public speaker, with a passion for the power of community engagement, he spends time with customers and channel partners learning about how their businesses are coping with fundamental shifts in working practices alongside rapid changes in the way services are being consumed. He’s focused on how organizations can remain competitive in today’s environment and how we can work together to deliver simplified, more agile services.

Freek Benson

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is a Senior Technical PMM at Parallels. Anil has over 15 years of high-tech expertise with a focus on Technical Product Marketing and Management. He's been instrumental in leading Developer Marketing initiatives, particularly focusing on agile product development and successful launch of developer focused products. Known for his dedication to mentoring and community engagement, he has made significant contributions to nurturing the tech community in Berlin.