Tired of dealing with compatibility issues and juggling between macOS and Windows?

Experience how Parallels Desktop for Business can further elevate your Windows experience on Mac, whether you're already seamlessly running Windows on your Mac with Parallels or looking for a solution to start.

Watch now and discover the latest features and benefits in Parallels Desktop for Business that will enhance your Windows productivity and address some common pain points.

1. Say goodbye to compatibility issues: Parallels Desktop for Business ensures the smooth running of Windows applications on your Mac, eliminating frustrations.
2. Simplify the setup and management of Windows on your Mac: Provisioning, deploying, and transferring Windows virtual machines becomes effortless, saving you valuable time.
3. Seamlessly integrate macOS and Windows environments: Streamline your workflow and eliminate the need to switch between operating systems. Focus on productivity and collaboration.
4. Enhanced performance and productivity: Benefit from optimized performance, enabling you to work efficiently and achieve higher productivity levels.

If you’re already part of the Parallels Desktop family, you will also learn about some of our powerful new functionalities, so don’t miss it!

Ready to unlock new possibilities and harness the full potential of Windows on your Mac? Watch this on-demand webinar and explore the latest features and benefits that enhance your Windows productivity on Mac and address common pain points.

Meet the Presenter:

Danny Knox is a Senior Sales Engineer for Cross Platform Sales with Parallels Software. Having been engaged with IT support and sales for over 25 years, Danny has worked in a number of technical and sales positions as a consultant and senior systems administrator, supporting End User Computing, enterprise operations and end users globally.
Currently part of a dedicated team on a global initiative for driving the adoption of Parallels Desktop, Parallels RAS and Parallels Secure Workspace (Awingu), Danny works with IT professionals who need operating systems and applications to work across Apple, Linux and Windows ecosystems.