Watch this immersive on-demand presentation on how to modernize and transform an RDS environment with Parallels RAS!

Discover how Parallels RAS can be used to enhance your existing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services environment and how that directly benefits your organization in our on-demand webinar.

We understand that an RDS environment has its limitations, from management and automation capabilities to deployment options and user experiences. This session is designed to address these challenges head-on, offering tangible solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Advanced configuration and management capabilities to optimise time and cost as well as enhance productivity and efficiencies in everyday management of an RDS environment.
  • Build your IT migration and change management strategies around a flexible solution offering choice in infrastructure – support hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud deployments and understand the benefits of each for your business.
  • Seamless access to apps, desktops, and data from any device, anywhere, through modern Parallels Clients for Windows and Mac as well as directly through a web browser—empowering users with unprecedented flexibility in how they work.
  • The ease of scaling your desktop infrastructure in response to evolving demands, ensuring optimal performance.

Take advantage of this chance to unlock the full potential of your on-premises or hybrid environment.

Meet the speakers

Freek Berson

Freek Berson is a Principal Outbound Product Manager at Parallels with a focus on Parallels RAS and Cloud solutions for virtual applications and desktop delivery. As an End User Computing evangelist and a trusted adviser for strategic customers and partners, he collaborates closely with product management and product marketing teams. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups around the world, published author of various books, and has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional annually since 2011.

Chris Marks

Chris Marks is a Principal Outbound Product Manager at Parallels. As an experienced public speaker with a passion for the power of community engagement, he spends time with customers and channel partners, learning about how their businesses are coping with fundamental shifts in working practices alongside rapid changes in the way services are being consumed. He’s focused on how organizations can remain competitive in today’s environment and how we can work together to deliver simplified, more agile services.

George Watkins

George Watkins
Possessing an extensive background spanning more than 15 years in the IT sector, George is a genuine technology aficionado with a distinct focus on data center product marketing. His expertise particularly flourishes within domains such as visual cloud, high-performance computing, and visualization; it was cultivated over the years at prominent IT entities like Advanced Micro Devices and Alludo. In 2023, George became an integral part of the Alludo team thanks to his profound comprehension of virtual infrastructure. Leveraging his proficiency, he orchestrates impactful narratives revolving around the products under his purview, effectively captivating customer interactions and fostering a deeper understanding of the advantages offered by the Parallels family of virtual business solutions.